Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Today I Learned...

... about shower etiquette.

I enjoy my shower.  Most days I ensure I have at least 30 minutes to shower.  I know, this is an astoundingly long amount of time to be in the shower, right?  But I race around nearly all day, and there's something about steaming hot water scalding my skin that I feel is relaxing.  That description to most would sound like a torture scene, but for me it's bliss.  So I often will stand there and enjoy the water beating down on me.

Brandon takes very concise showers.  About 7-12 minutes and he's already out.  How do you possibly get yourself clean, relaxed and whatnot in that short amount of time?  He rebuttals back that he's not sure why it could possibly take me 30 minutes to shower.  Alright, I can admit to that being a tad long.  Regardless, enjoyable.

The other day we showered together.  And this opened up a whole new world of showering I knew existed but had only ever heard of, and not experienced, prior to this.

The Brandon shower:
Drop clothes all over floor, toss towel on toilet.  Turn on water (wait for some warm water- and look at self in mirror)  Get into the shower and don't fully wrap shower curtain around the tub which allows some water to splash about- sometimes on the floor.  Get right down to business.  Scrub shampoo in hair- rinse.  Scrub conditioner in hair- rinse.  Thoroughly scrub body all over with loofa and body wash- rinse.  Blow nose into hands-rinse.

I even think he may have taken longer in the shower because I was in there.  He did wash my hair (don't you LOVE when someone else washes your hair and scrubs your head?!  I do!).  Our shower is small- so there was a lot of maneuvering back and forth to use the water (which was not scalding hot).  This meant a lot of times our bodies touching the cold tiles of the shower- eww.  After a few bum slaps and boob grabs Brandon was done and left the shower.  This was my time to turn the water temperature way up- WAY up!

The Shannon shower:
Stand under scalding water, enjoying the so hot it gives me goosebumps feeling.  Normally I would have washed my hair following a few minutes of standing.  But Brandon had already done this for me.  Notice the random hairs on the shower tiled wall- think about cleaning bathroom after shower.  Soap up loofa with sweet smelling body wash and scrub-often becoming distracted by some thought of what I need to do today or add something else onto my to-do list.  Grab conditioner from shelf and lather into my hair.  Stand away from shower head to ensure hair isn't getting wet, but angle my body towards the stream of water to ensure I don't get cold.  Hang around until 2-5 minutes of conditioner instructed time has elapsed- rinse.  Use face wash and probably body wash again.  Lather up legs with shaving gel- shave necessary areas.  Rinse body. 

Here's the part Brandon absolutely hates- I brush my teeth...in the shower.  I personally, don't think it's that weird.  I understand it's not the socially decided way or location of brushing your teeth.  But let's think about this logically.  You're in the shower and you have to brush your teeth when you get out.  Often you'll end up with toothpaste on your face from brushing too vigorously anyway- then you have to use a washcloth or something to wipe your face.  Do it my way- and you can just turn around and rinse your face.  I'd also like to clarify that it's not like I spit on my feet!  I spit towards the drain and the water washes it away.  I don't think it's that weird- I feel it saves me time and maybe in some backwards way- water too.  I am a eco-warrior after all!

Anywhoozle, point is- men and women shower very differently.  And I'm glad I'm a woman so I get long showers to enjoy the scalding water beating on my skin!

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  1. Ummmmmm when you shower together none of that is suppose to happen. *wink wink* -C