Thursday, 1 December 2011

The Relentless Wrapper

Have you ever had something or someone who just was so relentless?  Was always hassling you to buy their product?  Or a dog who won't stop begging?  This is the granola bar wrappers in my house!  They relentlessly hang around...everywhere!

Allow me to list the places these wrappers hang out:
  • dining room table
  • living room table
  • bedroom book shelf
  • bedside tables
  • living room floor
  • front hall cupboard
  • in front of the TV
  • kitchen counters
  • microwave shelving unit
  • on the odd occasion bathroom counters
  • window sills
  • stove top
Clearly, these wrappers are not living, breathing, responsible humans...the person on the other end of these wrappers is of course my one and only- Brandon.  How is it these wrappers can make it onto every surface possible EXCEPT the place they are supposed to be- the garbage?!

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