Friday, 16 December 2011

The Modern Warfare 3 Creatures

A few weeks ago Brandon asked me to help him type out some descriptions, I picked up his laptop ready to type (before I "broke" it).  He began narrating to me the different MW3 "creatures" that lurk in the game. 
His list included:

Corner trolls- they hang out in the corners and shoot you as you walk by
Stairwell salamanders- similar to a corner troll, these guys hang out in stairwells running up & down waiting for someone to come by
Prone snakes- crouching around on their bellies and shooting at passerbys
Pump-action lemur- jumping around with pump action shotguns
Auto monkey- running around with automatic guns shooting at anything they see
Quick scope kinkaju- aiming & firing simultaneously with their quick scopes, without much skill

They apparently make their presence well known in the ever popular Modern Warfare 3... these are usually the people Brandon's yelling at from the living room.

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  1. Ok?? So wait.....whats the difference between Corner trolls & Stairwell salamanders? One runs one lurks?? Ghezzzzz boys are strange. -C