Sunday, 18 December 2011


I was chatting to my brilliant friend and soon to be business partner, Cherie, about her son and his daycare routines.  And we couldn't help but think how superb an idea it would be to create a "mancare"- daycare for men.  I decided to further the idea in this blog post.

The scene: It will have to be some kind of large warehouse as we are dealing with grown men here, not small children.  In stature, I mean.  Of course they're all big kids no matter what the age.  This warehouse is going to have to be somewhere convenient so city folk, suburb dwellers and the country bumpkins alike can all bring their men in need of socialization and care.  Outdoor as well as indoor space will be well groomed and maintained.

Toys & Activities: Based on my experience with Brandon and his XBox, video games should be kept to a minimum.  Why?  Because it will force the men to actually socialize...not merely through mics.  Sports equipment, guy magazines and books and workout equipment will be there instead.  Each man will be required to spend a certain amount of time outdoors playing sports, caring for the grounds or participating in water sports.

Nutrition:  At mancare, we will take nutrition seriously and ensure that each child guy is provided with enough food for proper nutrition.  Snacks will be provided at regular intervals every day, including a nutritious lunch.  Of course, allergies will be taken into account and we will keep the centre peanut-free.

Supervision: Being that these are grown men and legal adults, we realize they will not require the supervision children need.  However, we also realize these men will definitely need womanly influence and guidance.  (Don't they all)  For every 10 men there will be one woman supervisor who will help facilitate activities and meals and of course influence the cleaning up process.

We are open to suggestions for locations, names for the business, snack and activity ideas and will begin accepting resumes for supervisor positions.  As we know these positions will be hard to fill, please keep in mind compensation will reflect the difficulty of the job.  We look forward to your input!

Let's be honest- this will NOT be likely

While THIS is much more likely!

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