Friday, 29 June 2012

Wake Up- Morning Glory!

Though I'm not a huge fan of getting up at 6am everyday for work, I must admit when I arrive to the office around 8:15ish and the place is quiet and there's no other people there- it's kinda nice. It gives me a chance to put on my happy face, get myself organized and of course read my favourite blogs. Often I write my own blog posts during this time too (like this one, for example).

While I wouldn't say I'm either a night owl or a morning glory (as various jobs have led me to be both), I'm really not a fan of the morning chatter. The polite hellos and "how're ya doin'?" are fine, but when I'm starting my day and reading emails, getting my breakfast prepared and just generally trying to pump myself up for yet another day of work... I don't want to chitter chatter about my night. Perhaps this makes me seem like less of a morning glory.

One day, hopefully sooner rather than later, I will be waking up (sans alarm clock), preparing a healthy breakfast and reading, and writing, my daily blog posts out on my beautfiul deck enjoying the weather. And I can enjoy any weather because, you see, my deck will be a covered and enclosed deck. So more of a sun room. I'll be working my dream job, working from home and keeping the house to a level of my own personal satisfaction. *sigh* Doesn't that just sound wonderful? I'm going to my happy place now...

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Today I Learned... fiancĂ© is preparing for any sort of emergency.  (Actually it was yesterday and last night, but those details don't matter.)

We all remember this post about his belief in the zombie apocalypse, right? Well, he has decided to make his summer hobby preparing an emergency "grab bag". I'm sure I've completely used the wrong wording and will be chastised for it tonight when I get home for work.

Of course, I have been recruited to help out, which I am happy to do. I have made a request for my survival items to be pink- Brandon says this is not happening and that it's impractical. Whatever- its cute! I want to look into my survival bag (in the event of an emergency) and have some enjoyment. I also requested a book, because, shit, if there is a zombie apocalypse or other crazy potentially life ending emergency, I'm going to need something to do.
What? You don't expect that I will be out hunting, do you? Oh no... In the event that things get all "Walking Dead" around here, I believe it's safe to assume we all revert back to old style gender roles. Brandon hunts, I'll work on some gathering and cooking. 

We will, however, need a third person to be our lookout while we are busy. I think we should start taking applications now, you know, so we're prepared for such an event.
Requirements of this person are:
  • we like you enough to keep you in our group, and alive in general
  • you must have good eyesight (won't be having you shoot anything/anyone who isn't meant to be shot (do you know what that can do to a group?)
  • must be fit enough to run quickly to get away from danger- of course we will accept applications from those in wheelchairs, please just ensure you have an all-terrain chair ready for such event.
  • must possess own emergency bag of supplies (as we aren't sharing ours), if you don't have one, don't expect charity from us
  • prefer single person- extra people such as significant others or children just get in the way of doing your job
  • a good familiarity with the Toronto area- to help us get to stores for looting and safe places for hiding
Please note, this is an unpaid position as we will be struggling to stay alive and won't have spare cash to be throwing around.

Monday, 25 June 2012

Dear Awesome Me, Minus 5 Years

Dear 21-year old Shannon,

Stop everything you are doing right now. It’s all wrong for you, and deep down you know that. Instead do the things YOU love and enjoy the time of being young. You take on too many responsibilities and tie yourself down. That’s ok, you figure it out, but you must make very difficult decisions to get there. You think you’re ready for marriage and kids now, but you aren’t. You will however, be engaged on your 26th birthday- so wait it out- Mr. Right does come along. You’ll even dedicate an entire blog (do you even know what that is?) to him and your time together. While writing this letter to yourself, you may even ponder whether your blog seems “shrine-y”. Pay more attention in History class in high school and university- your now fiancĂ©e has a slight obsession with WWII, and even has WWII airplanes tattooed on his body. On that note, don’t get that first tattoo on your back- the others are fine.

You always want to rush your life, and in that sense you are still the same 5 years later. But slow down and enjoy the ride, because time actually flies and you’ll look back one day- 5 years later- and think how much has changed in that time. You didn’t really miss out on anything, though.

Caution! You become a huge wimp in your later years. I don’t know what happened from then until now, but you cry at cheesy chick flicks, cute proposal videos and sometimes just because. Just beware that at some point something with you changes, so don’t expect to be the hard-ass you always have been, forever.

Keep working hard, but save more. Maybe then you wouldn’t have to wait to buy a house and get married. Also, don’t be so quick to leave your retail job. Turns out you actually like shift work more than you thought you do. And you may end up in a desk job you don’t enjoy and get bored at. So, maybe wait it out for that marketing or writing job because that’s what you really want to do. Waiting is ok sometimes.

Enjoy life now, and try not to think too far into the future. You’ll get there. You know you’re at least alive to see it through for the next 5 years. I can’t guarantee anything beyond that- except for each second that passes as I type, those I’m certain you’ll be around for.

Just be awesome, Shannon! We know you can be.
26-year old Shannon.

P.S. start creating the real flux capacitor so we can travel through time for real! You’ve got 5 years- GO!
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Sunday, 24 June 2012

That Man Has Funny Hair, Drunk by 2pm & Giant LEGO

Yesterday was a whirlwind day for us.  It really only started out with plans to head down to Fort York downtown, to see if it was an acceptable wedding venue.  (the answer is yes)  That turned into a stopover at the Steamwhistle Brewery for a tour and free beer- a favourite activity of ours.  And continued into a fantastic weekend spent together.  That doesn't happen all that often because Brandon works shift work, and gets mostly weekend shifts, where I have a "typical" 9-5 job Monday through Friday.  So we spent great time together and enjoyed our weekend activities.

It started while riding the subway, sitting, minding our own business, probably discussing something profound and important we hear a little (but loud) voice yell across the aisle, "THAT MAN HAS FUNNY HAIR!", followed by a small finger pointing towards Brandon.

In case you didn't see in our photos from my birthday and engagement party, Brandon has cut his hair into a mohawk of sorts.

This young boy thought it was hilarious that Brandon's hair had chicken-like qualities (ok he didn't say that- but I can only imagine that's what he was thinking from his yet to be educated mind). Naturally, I laughed and so did Brandon, who also spoke to the kid and acknowledged his hair as being funny. His dad told us that the week prior the little boy had seen a man who had a long beard but no moustache. The little boy pointed at that man and said, "that man forgot his moustache!". While hilarious for us, potentially mortifying for his dad, I commend this kid for saying what he thinks! Good for him. Perhaps the pointing could be a problem later in life, but keep up the honesty kid!

Also on the subway, we saw Colin Farrell's Mexican cousin, Cortez Farrelle!  Brandon says he should be in a movie called "Tele-phone Boothe".  I considered taking a photo, but posting pictures of random people on the Internet tends to be frowned upon.

We arrived at Fort York and headed in to see the potential wedding venue.  Quick tip: apparently if you tell places that you're considering their venue as being a place for your wedding, they'll give you free admission.  So not only did we get to check out the venue for our wedding, but also just got to enjoy the grounds.

I made an agreement with Brandon many months ago, that he must allow me to take minimum one picture of the two of us (or at least him) during any outing we go on.  Outings include anytime we have some sort of agenda to leave the home beyond going to family or friends' homes or work.  Brandon regrets this I'm sure, but a deal's a deal.  So this was the first attempt at our together picture:
Brandon's photography skills leave something to be desired.  So I tried: 

Doesn't even look like it was a self portrait.  I know how to hide my arm and make it look natural.  Because sadly, I take too many of these pictures.

Walking back from Fort York, we decided to stop in at Steamwhistle Brewery.  This is probably our favourite brewery, though we enjoy visiting all sorts, and have been known to plan small trips just to visit various breweries.  If you've never been, it's usually an interesting tour with free beer.  And who doesn't enjoy free beer?
Brandon tries to ignore the camera
Until you get him drinking
This is Leroy the Steamwhistle kitty
I actually out drank him this time!

We did so much walking when we were downtown, then went out to a friend's birthday later in the evening and walked home.  Our feet felt like cement blocks this morning. 

Somehow today Brandon got another day off, so we made good use of the day.  Slept in, paid a visit to the comic book store to get the new edition of "The Shadow" and the onto Toys R Us.  "Why", you may ask? "You guys don't have kids.  You haven't mentioned any children's parties you're attending. Your niece/nephew isn't due to be born until the end of August."  Oh I'm aware.  We went so Brandon could get a new Mega Blocks kit.  Yup!  Brandon has started collecting Mega Blocks.  And not just any Mega Blocks- Halo Mega Blocks!  He's already got 2 smaller ones that I would consider regular sized.  But this new one he got today is 12" long and 6" wide!  It's a huge vehicle.  It's a UNSC Warthog- Halo 10th Anniversary Collector's Edition.  Exciting, right?!

Brandon has been working on building this item for 3.5 hours already and still isn't done.  My part to helping was organizing the pieces by colour, size and style.

So, its been a wonderful and eventful weekend.  Something we haven't been able to appreciate in quite some time.  Now I must face the dreaded work week... wish me luck.

Friday, 22 June 2012

An Evening Stroll

Almost every night, Brandon and I go out for a walk near our home(s). It’s a really nice chance to get away from the technology distractions and other people and pets, and just take some time for us to chat about the day we each had, any outstanding discussions from earlier or just to merely walk beside each other and be in each other’s company. I completely understand how cheesy this sounds, but I have to tell you, it is incredibly lovely. Though the weather has been quite muggy and hot during the days, the evenings cool down a bit enough to make the walk bearable. It’s amazing how many important things can be discussed and/or solved in an hour’s time when you have no other distractions except each other.

I’ll admit it: I am addicted to my computer and phone. I check Twitter incessantly, I try to manage two blogs, I’m researching various wedding details, and I read a lot of news and blogs online. Plus I’m going to be starting a new writing internship next week, which I am very excited about! (more details later). I lug my laptop around with me whenever I go and my phone is almost always close by. (Funny how it’s called a phone, yet I have less than 25 minutes total used this month on the actual phone. Check my text messages however, and you’ll see I’ve sent 2276 and received 2253. While my data usage isn’t very accurate because I tend to use WiFi. So I use the term, “phone”, loosely) My point is, it’s nice to leave our phones, computers, TVs and video games behind and just spend some nice one-on-one time together.

As we walk, I longingly stare at the houses I love. Brandon tells me I’m “house horny”. I’d agree with that. I want a home I can call my own (well ours) and decorate and renovate and do all the things we want without anyone saying no. If I want to do my laundry naked- I can do that! I don’t have to worry about listening to my music too loud, or dancing around in my underwear. In fact, Brandon would encourage that. His family may not feel the same way.

So, get out and walk with someone you enjoy spending time with. A significant other, a friend, family member, pet, or just yourself. We can get lots of thinking done when the daily distractions of our coveted technology isn’t there to…well, distract you.

I wish we looked half as cool as these people!

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Training Success

I just received a text message from him telling me he has been thinking about what Xbox games he wants this coming year and then told me which ones he wants to buy and which ones he would like to ask for as Christmas gifts. He then gave me the exact item he would like, and he explained how I could preorder it and that the payment isn’t due until it comes out in November. Although it’s for a Christmas gift I couldn’t help but feel pride in the fact that he was thinking ahead. And just yesterday he was asking me about pensions and RRSPs and how to retire comfortably. He’s looking for his dream job. We discuss wedding plans, and house buying plans. He thinks about our future- and is (usually) fairly comfortable talking about it.

Who says people can’t be trained? Specifically, who says men can’t be trained. OK, wait, I should alter that wording- Brandon won’t like that. Who says men can’t change? B.S. (Before Shannon), Brandon wasn’t a planner. He didn’t plan for a future of any kind, he didn’t save his money, he didn’t think about what he would do next week or next year- he just really didn’t think ahead.
He did whatever he wanted in the moment and dealt with any repercussions- but there were rarely any, because the world doesn't stop when something doesn't go the way you planned...or didn't plan.

Conversely, I have been a meticulous planner all my life. From a very young age I told my mother I wanted to be either a McDonald’s attendant or a doctor… because “they both help people”. You see? I was planning from a young age, my dream career. Granted, things don’t always go as planned (as I have had to learn with great difficulty), so I have become neither a McDonald’s attendant nor a doctor. But I’m not concerned, I can find other ways to help people. I plan my hours, days, weeks and years ahead of time. I like to know exactly what I am doing and when I am going to do it. Brandon has been able to help me let go of that a bit. That’s not to say I am anywhere near “living by the seat of my pants” or “throwing caution to the wind”, because I am not yet comfortable being so…. Care-free.

I feel as though Brandon and I nicely even each other out. We bring together the crazy, over planner who panics when things don’t go “right”, with the fairly laid back, “let whatever happen, happen” individual. We balance each other well by upping the ante or calming the nerves and reassuring everything will be ok. Granted, Brandon seems to be comforting me more than I him in most cases. The 2 years I’ve been with Brandon have given me a chance to relax a bit and realize there’s no huge rush, and no need to panic when things don’t go quite as I had planned for them to.

So, it appears as though people can be trained, myself included. Or at least begin the training process and become better versions of ourselves. Because let's face it: I'm always going to be the tense, high-energy, over planner to some degree and Brandon will always sit back and save planning for another day. It's who we are- and we're pretty awesome!

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Euro Murder Wink

Currently, the Euro Cup seems to be all the rage with sports fans, especially around my office. I am not a soccer fan however, so I really know nothing beyond the fact that there are many European soccer teams all competing for, what I understand to be the Stanley Cup of soccer. My office has been nice enough to those individuals cheering on their teams, to allow employees to wear their jerseys and even watch the games in an empty boardroom. As Brandon and I were talking about this the other day, and discussing how I would have enjoyed had we had the same privileges for the Stanley Cup, Brandon brought back old memories of elementary school days games. More specifically, Murder Wink.

Do you remember this game? Where everyone sat in a large circle and there was one person appointed the "murderer", though I can't remember how they were selected without the other kids knowing who he was.  I seem to remember cheating to try and find out who was being made the "murderer"... but you can't hold me accountable for that.  Everyone cheated at those games, right?  After the murderer was appointed...and now I feel like there was only one detective who was sent out of the room who had to try to figure out who the murderer was.  I'm making this sound much more complicated than it was.  Let's simplify it: one wink murderer, one detective and many victims.  Murderer winks at victims, who keel over and die (in a very 10 year old dramatic way) and detective has 3 guesses.  Now that I have managed to completely convolute the idea of Murder Wink...

Brandon's great suggestion to make soccer a bit more interesting, and perhaps bearable, was to add in the Murder Wink game.  How great would it be if soccer suddenly became a bit more exciting with one player running around winking at other players, as they're falling over on the field.  -------> 

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Mario Cart Commute

While driving to work, it often hits me that I'm quite hungry because I have, most likely, not eaten a balanced breakfast as is suggested by the Canadian Food Guide. Eating in the car can be a juggling act, so I often opt for a banana. Easy and simple (like a cheap whore), the banana doesn't have to be washed or prepped.

So, I'm eating my banana this morning and I prepare to throw my peel out the window. Yes, I throw it out the window. Onto grass. It's green waste and it's better for it to be on the grass with the chance to decompose (or have an animal eat it), than to be stuck in a garbage can between other non-green waste and not have the oxygen or opportunity to decompose.
I digress.

So, I prepare to throw my peel out the window, but we're in the "fast" lane so the boulevard is approximately 20 feet from our car. I look at the distance and decide, "ya I can make it", and I exuberantly toss the peel. Naturally, and I'm going to stereotype here, being a woman, the peel didn't quite make it. If you're wondering if I feel bad that my green waste won't decompose properly, the answer is, of course.
But how can I not laugh when my sister in law says, "did you just throw your banana peel at that van, a la Mario Cart?". Unintentionally, but yes.

Friday, 8 June 2012

The Deer on your Vehicle...or any other stickers

Although I was exhausted last night, and for the first part of this morning, I am energized and ready for the day today…at 11am. Last night I went to the gym for the first time in months- I did about 40 minutes of cardio and felt like my legs were about to spontaneously combust at any moment- I decided to stop for the night. As I was running, I was thinking of Jimmy Fallon’s thank you notes he writes every Friday night, because his one about chin ups and death felt as if it applied.

“Thank you chin ups, and death, for being things I can only do once.”

I’m excited to get back into the gym, get fit and ready to rock a hot dress for my wedding. Well, no one will let me rock a hot dress… but I’m gonna look good!

On a completely separate note, as I was making my way into work this morning I noticed something I hadn’t given much thought to prior to today: car stickers or decals. OK, we’ve all seen them- bumper stickers, family members stuck to the backs of vans, “I love my Golden Retriever” stickers… they’re everywhere, but today I saw some that I thought to be quite strange. Most people place stickers of items they support or enjoy on their cars, something about their beliefs, favourite pet, they child, or in many cases these days their entire freakin’ family represented through little people car decals. Today, however, I saw a truck with 2 deer heads on both back windows and then a larger coloured sticker of an entire deer on the back of his truck trailer bed door. This is not, I assume, because this man has an affinity for deer, or worships deer… I would assume, based on prior knowledge as well as initial physical judgment of the man’s appearance, that he was a deer hunter. I think this could be the only group of people who, instead of putting stickers of things they like on their vehicles, place stickers of animals they enjoy killing on their vehicles… ok let’s be honest- they all drive trucks.

For the record- those sticker families that people place extensively all over their cars… I don’t like them. I do, however, enjoy this video I saw on Tosh.O

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Squashing My Love (texts)

I was sitting at my desk, bored, staring out the window and listening to my YouTube playlist, thinking about Brandon and staring at my beautiful ring when The Band Perry’s song “All Your Life” came on. The lyrics sang, “I don’t want the whole world, The sun, the moon and all their light. I just want to be the only girl, You love all your life.” I, wishing I was more romantic than I am, thought “I should text these lyrics to Brandon to show him I’m thinking about him and that I love him”. So I did.

His response was less than favourable.
“Babe I love you… But that’s REALLY corny”

So I respond as maturely as I feel necessary for the situation, “Fine! You’re never getting nice, sweet comments sent to you again! :p so mean! I was feeling all lovey and you squashed it… AND! I put my ring on my pinky! :ppp”

He knows me and doesn’t play into my attention whoring personality, “Guess we’re not engaged anymore” …. :O WHAT?!

“Now you’re breaking the engagement? After you crush my love like that?! You’re incredibly mean”

Keeping his super cool demeanor, “Man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do”

I responded like any blogger/writer would, “I’m blogging this incredulously mean conversation so people know that you make my heart hurt >_< "

He doesn't care.
Update: I put my ring immediately back on my ring finger.

Trolling Love Texts
Could be worse, I guess.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Elevator Etiquette

To get to and from my office each day I must ride the elevator up to the 20th floor, at least twice each day. To start with, I hate elevators! I don’t like the enclosed space, the fact that it can (and has) stop(ped) in between floors with me stuck for an undetermined amount of time, but mostly for the complete fear that my 120lbs of weight is going to be all it takes for the cables to snap and send me, and everyone else (though I’m not so worried about their survival) to a high speed crashing, firey death. I’ve been to Disney World- I’ve seen Tower of Terror… I will NEVER go on that ride! How is it that an amusement park can make a falling, out of control haunted elevator into a ride?! That’s fun for people?! You’re all nuts.

Another, slightly less scary, but no less of a reason for me to despise elevators, are the other people, (I can’t bring myself to call them riders!) within this small 6’x6’ cube, I’m forced to elevate with. These are the more common obstacles I must face when I get into an elevator. Because inevitably, they are always there. I work in a 20 storey office building. On the 20th floor. So, it’s not like I only have a couple floors to resist the urge to flick some of these people in the back of the head… it’s 20 floors! If you are wondering why I am not taking the stairs, not only is it because 20 floors is a bit of a hike (don’t talk to me marathon runners and CN Tower climbers- I’m don’t do those things for a reason!), but also because the way the staircase is created, doesn’t easily allow me access to them without keys in and out of certain floors or going around the entire building. Essentially, the stairs are a maze, and if there is ever any kind of fire or emergency… well, I don’t know how I’ll get down. (Hmmmm maybe I should investigate this more).

Anyway, back to the people in the elevator. What’s up with their extreme crappiness? And by this, I mean things like:
  • the girl who doesn’t wear her headphones exactly on her ears, but rather either in front of, or behind her ears, which forces the rest of the people in the moving cube to listen to her terrible music. Listen, even if I enjoy the song you are listening to, I don’t want to hear it blasting from your ugly checkered headphones- so turn it down, or just wear your Princess Lea inspired headgear properly.
  • The man who insists on being in your space even if there’s room for him to move. Why must you intrude on my bubble? Your back is touching my bag and/or hand- move up! You have at least 6 inches in front or beside you, so utilize the space, my friend, and don’t be all up in my grill.
  • The woman with the unnecessarily large (and often empty) bag who uses it as a weapon. Bag woman, I understand the in-your-bubble man may be encroaching on your space, or maybe he has in the past, but that doesn’t mean you can smack me with, what you’re referring to as, your purse. The bruises make it look like I’m a battered woman. And I most definitely am not…except by you and your weapon of internal pain- aka your purse!
  • The loud conversationalists. This pair or group of people have started a conversation prior to entering the elevator and would like to continue it for the duration of time they will be inside the evil cube of movement. And while this, in itself, isn’t the problem, clearly you missed elevator etiquette school, because conversation should (mostly) be put on hold if there are other persons inside upon entering the elevator. However, if the conversation must continue, for perhaps a fear that someone else will spread the reports of Justin Bieber touring your town before you get the chance to spread the joyous news, keep the volume to a respectable level. This is public sector protocol in all forms of public transit and yes, elevators. There is no need for me to know that “Sandra smelled like a dead octopus yesterday”, because frankly, now I don’t want Sandra in this elevator at all.
  • The overtly friendly passenger. We’ve all been in an elevator alone, watching the numbers on the illuminated screen change: 11, 12, 14, 15… waiting for our floor. You may check your hair and makeup in the mirrors, maybe notice the toothpaste stain on your shirt from this morning (or yesterday morning) or just stare at your shoes. Someone gets on the elevator and you exchange polite smiles. That’s as far as communication between stranger elevator co-travelers should go. But then it happens, “so, crappy weather outside isn’t it?” “yup.” “I was really looking forward to a beautiful week like we had last week. Get a garden planted or something.” -closed mouth smile- DING. “Well this is my floor, bye” -nod head-. Why should we speak to one another, just because we are, currently, in the same (potential) death cube? The answer is, we shouldn’t. So leave your small chat for someone in the office lunch room.
  • The odour offenser. This person is either one of two extremes: bad body odour, or bad/too much perfume/cologne wearer. Simple solutions for this one: shower & wear deodorant and limit your sprays to 2-3 brief spritzes in the mornings (or following smoke breaks).
So, elevator riders (I relented), be aware of these unwritten, but widely accepted and preferred, elevator laws. Abide by them and if you see me in the death cube… don’t talk to me.

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Breaking News

I’ve been drafting this blogpost since Friday now, and I can never seem to get all the information included that should be.  Giving it my best shot, here goes.

                                                                  I’M ENGAGED!!!!!! 

Friday June 1, 2012, I came home and friends and family jumped out of various corners and rooms of my mother’s house yelling “SURPRISE” at me.  Admittedly, I saw my friend’s boyfriend first (whom I’ve only met twice before) so I was wondering who this man was in the house, until I saw everyone else.  So yay!  A surprise birthday party planned and executed by Brandon and our mothers.  A great gesture in itself, it was nice to have everyone together and have an eventful birthday. (Something that hasn’t really happened in a few years)  The night progressed and great food was eaten and even better company- catching up with friends and family.  Then it came time for presents. 

I should preface all this by saying, Brandon had been telling me his gift to me was a trip to Vermont in which we would go horseback riding, beer brewery touring and enjoy the drive/trip.  So, I was prepared for no physical gift from him at all.  He had, after all, planned an awesome trip and party for me!

However, when present time came Brandon’s mom rushed to get her camera and said Brandon was going to go first.  “... But I thought he didn’t have a gift for me?”

Brandon stands in front of me, grabs a chip from the table beside him and looked at me and said, “There’s a reason I didn’t bring a gift here today, because I have a question I need to ask you instead” he drops to his knee and says, “Will you marry me?”

My face resembled a sort of scrunched up version of myself, eyes closed to hold back tears and, what I thought, a ferociously nodding head yes.  Apparently, my head nodding wasn’t as obvious as I thought, because people, including Brandon, asked me if I said yes.  Of course I said yes!!  So, I yelled “YES!” just so everyone could hear.  Brandon took the ring out of the box and asked me in his nervous, quiet voice, “which finger do I even put it on?”.  You know, that question made it so special for me, so... “us”.  I didn’t want a ridiculously planned, recited and overly traditional proposal and that made it special for me.  After I showed him what finger to put it on, there was a kiss, clapping and me trying to recover and save face for the cameras.  Little did I know they had already captured all my scrunchy-face moments.

It’s hard for the rest of the gifts to measure up following a proposal, but I got many lovely cards and gifts from the remainder of my friends and family.  Though I spent most of the time staring at my finger with it’s newly appointed bling.

With 2 of my 3 future bridesmaids in attendance, it was so exciting to get to share the moment and remainder of the evening with people I love.

The following day, Brandon and I were scheduled to go to a BBQ, but plans fell through and we ended up staying home and Brandon ultimately ended up working.  (Which is good for the upcoming wedding and house we’ll be saving for).  I have been wanting to get my next tattoo for the last month or so, and the opportunity never presented itself.  Until yesterday.  So, I called up our tattoo artist and asked if he had any available spots- he didn’t but his associate did, so off I went.  I got myself the turtle tattoo I’ve been wanting for years- and I love it!  With the next ones already ruminating, we’ll see if they happen pre or post wedding.

It’s been an eventful and very exciting weekend that I’ll remember forever.  Let the wedding planning games begin!  (Though I’m not so concerned, being a wedding planner and all...)