Sunday, 17 June 2012

Euro Murder Wink

Currently, the Euro Cup seems to be all the rage with sports fans, especially around my office. I am not a soccer fan however, so I really know nothing beyond the fact that there are many European soccer teams all competing for, what I understand to be the Stanley Cup of soccer. My office has been nice enough to those individuals cheering on their teams, to allow employees to wear their jerseys and even watch the games in an empty boardroom. As Brandon and I were talking about this the other day, and discussing how I would have enjoyed had we had the same privileges for the Stanley Cup, Brandon brought back old memories of elementary school days games. More specifically, Murder Wink.

Do you remember this game? Where everyone sat in a large circle and there was one person appointed the "murderer", though I can't remember how they were selected without the other kids knowing who he was.  I seem to remember cheating to try and find out who was being made the "murderer"... but you can't hold me accountable for that.  Everyone cheated at those games, right?  After the murderer was appointed...and now I feel like there was only one detective who was sent out of the room who had to try to figure out who the murderer was.  I'm making this sound much more complicated than it was.  Let's simplify it: one wink murderer, one detective and many victims.  Murderer winks at victims, who keel over and die (in a very 10 year old dramatic way) and detective has 3 guesses.  Now that I have managed to completely convolute the idea of Murder Wink...

Brandon's great suggestion to make soccer a bit more interesting, and perhaps bearable, was to add in the Murder Wink game.  How great would it be if soccer suddenly became a bit more exciting with one player running around winking at other players, as they're falling over on the field.  -------> 


  1. Forget murder wink,(and yes I played it when I was a child), DODGEBALL!! They already got the ball, just start whipping it at people instead. lol

  2. Great idea! Those throw ins can also become free target practice!