Monday, 25 June 2012

Dear Awesome Me, Minus 5 Years

Dear 21-year old Shannon,

Stop everything you are doing right now. It’s all wrong for you, and deep down you know that. Instead do the things YOU love and enjoy the time of being young. You take on too many responsibilities and tie yourself down. That’s ok, you figure it out, but you must make very difficult decisions to get there. You think you’re ready for marriage and kids now, but you aren’t. You will however, be engaged on your 26th birthday- so wait it out- Mr. Right does come along. You’ll even dedicate an entire blog (do you even know what that is?) to him and your time together. While writing this letter to yourself, you may even ponder whether your blog seems “shrine-y”. Pay more attention in History class in high school and university- your now fiancĂ©e has a slight obsession with WWII, and even has WWII airplanes tattooed on his body. On that note, don’t get that first tattoo on your back- the others are fine.

You always want to rush your life, and in that sense you are still the same 5 years later. But slow down and enjoy the ride, because time actually flies and you’ll look back one day- 5 years later- and think how much has changed in that time. You didn’t really miss out on anything, though.

Caution! You become a huge wimp in your later years. I don’t know what happened from then until now, but you cry at cheesy chick flicks, cute proposal videos and sometimes just because. Just beware that at some point something with you changes, so don’t expect to be the hard-ass you always have been, forever.

Keep working hard, but save more. Maybe then you wouldn’t have to wait to buy a house and get married. Also, don’t be so quick to leave your retail job. Turns out you actually like shift work more than you thought you do. And you may end up in a desk job you don’t enjoy and get bored at. So, maybe wait it out for that marketing or writing job because that’s what you really want to do. Waiting is ok sometimes.

Enjoy life now, and try not to think too far into the future. You’ll get there. You know you’re at least alive to see it through for the next 5 years. I can’t guarantee anything beyond that- except for each second that passes as I type, those I’m certain you’ll be around for.

Just be awesome, Shannon! We know you can be.
26-year old Shannon.

P.S. start creating the real flux capacitor so we can travel through time for real! You’ve got 5 years- GO!
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  1. Love this post! Gotta love what we learn from our past!

    Your newest follower Ashton from:

    Feel free to follow me back if you like xx

  2. Thanks Ashton! There's actually a really great website where you can send a letter to yourself 5 years from now, it's a lot of fun getting the letter in 5 years and laughing at what changed and stayed the same.
    Thanks :)

  3. What is it with age? I also feel a little more "wimpy" as you put it and find myself more emotional than I ever was. Great letter to yourself and VERY CUTE DOGS!!

  4. Thanks :) they're cute but slightly mischievous

  5. omg I've been crying more as I get older. It's ridiculous!
    Great letter!

  6. Haha this seems to be a trend- glad I'm not the only one! Thanks :)

  7. I would say that I also feel a little more "wimpy" but I think it is really just a little more human. I am no longer a soulless robot.

    Love the letter!

  8. Aww ! I loved this post - you have some good advice for your 21 year old self. If I were to tell my 23 year old self a few things, I'd tell her that the best is yet to come. From 23-28 she'd find the man of her dreams, become independent & learn how to forgive & let go way better.

  9. Thanks April! It's great you were able to recognize the strengths you've gained.