Friday, 22 June 2012

An Evening Stroll

Almost every night, Brandon and I go out for a walk near our home(s). It’s a really nice chance to get away from the technology distractions and other people and pets, and just take some time for us to chat about the day we each had, any outstanding discussions from earlier or just to merely walk beside each other and be in each other’s company. I completely understand how cheesy this sounds, but I have to tell you, it is incredibly lovely. Though the weather has been quite muggy and hot during the days, the evenings cool down a bit enough to make the walk bearable. It’s amazing how many important things can be discussed and/or solved in an hour’s time when you have no other distractions except each other.

I’ll admit it: I am addicted to my computer and phone. I check Twitter incessantly, I try to manage two blogs, I’m researching various wedding details, and I read a lot of news and blogs online. Plus I’m going to be starting a new writing internship next week, which I am very excited about! (more details later). I lug my laptop around with me whenever I go and my phone is almost always close by. (Funny how it’s called a phone, yet I have less than 25 minutes total used this month on the actual phone. Check my text messages however, and you’ll see I’ve sent 2276 and received 2253. While my data usage isn’t very accurate because I tend to use WiFi. So I use the term, “phone”, loosely) My point is, it’s nice to leave our phones, computers, TVs and video games behind and just spend some nice one-on-one time together.

As we walk, I longingly stare at the houses I love. Brandon tells me I’m “house horny”. I’d agree with that. I want a home I can call my own (well ours) and decorate and renovate and do all the things we want without anyone saying no. If I want to do my laundry naked- I can do that! I don’t have to worry about listening to my music too loud, or dancing around in my underwear. In fact, Brandon would encourage that. His family may not feel the same way.

So, get out and walk with someone you enjoy spending time with. A significant other, a friend, family member, pet, or just yourself. We can get lots of thinking done when the daily distractions of our coveted technology isn’t there to…well, distract you.

I wish we looked half as cool as these people!

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