Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Mario Cart Commute

While driving to work, it often hits me that I'm quite hungry because I have, most likely, not eaten a balanced breakfast as is suggested by the Canadian Food Guide. Eating in the car can be a juggling act, so I often opt for a banana. Easy and simple (like a cheap whore), the banana doesn't have to be washed or prepped.

So, I'm eating my banana this morning and I prepare to throw my peel out the window. Yes, I throw it out the window. Onto grass. It's green waste and it's better for it to be on the grass with the chance to decompose (or have an animal eat it), than to be stuck in a garbage can between other non-green waste and not have the oxygen or opportunity to decompose.
I digress.

So, I prepare to throw my peel out the window, but we're in the "fast" lane so the boulevard is approximately 20 feet from our car. I look at the distance and decide, "ya I can make it", and I exuberantly toss the peel. Naturally, and I'm going to stereotype here, being a woman, the peel didn't quite make it. If you're wondering if I feel bad that my green waste won't decompose properly, the answer is, of course.
But how can I not laugh when my sister in law says, "did you just throw your banana peel at that van, a la Mario Cart?". Unintentionally, but yes.

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