Wednesday, 28 March 2012

I'm Never Leaving This Chair!

Brandon's mom brought us this chair:

No, you aren't seeing things.  That chair is not only comfortable and good looking (much like myself), but it is very super fantastic because it comes with a swivel table!  College lecture hall inspired, this chair allows a small table to be placed on either the right or left side of the chair arm and then swivels out and around to allow for the best possible table angle.  The flexibility makes for easy eating in front of the TV, typing an excellent and oft read blog or just for keeping enough space between me and Jai when he sits in the living room.

This chair is wonderful AND it was free!  This chair can do no wrong.  All hail the chair.  I'm never leaving it.  Ever.  I may sleep here tonight.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

"I Love You Because..."

Today, while I was out cleaning other people's homes for money Brandon sent me a new photo of his World of Warcraft character.

He attached no words to his text- just the screenshot.  So I, being the super attentive and detail noticing girlfriend that I am, responded, "New helmet?"

Brandon then responded: "Yup. And actually new gloves since then too but that's less noticeable lol p.s. I love you for knowing what my guy's armour looks like enough to notice when a piece changes"

Case in point people: I'm a super girlfriend.

P.S. my boyfriend's WoW character will kick your WoW characters' ass! 

Thursday, 22 March 2012


Sometimes I wish I could do laundry naked.

Now hold on, stay with me.

I don't mean that in the naked, sexual sense but more for the practical sense. When I do laundry I want to be able to clean ALL my clothes. Not just the ones I'm not wearing.  Right?  So, when my laundry is all done, any piece of clothing I may desire to wear is ready and waiting for me.  Don't tell me it's a bad idea.  Cause it's not.

Now, I guess I just must wait until I have my own house- with no roommate and no communal laundry room.  Unless.... naked laundry could be a niche people are missing out on?  Maybe I could make some spare cash?

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Late Night Phone Call

It's 2am. Suddenly I'm drearily hearing the voice of John Denver belting out his hit song "Country Roads". I'm trying to place the song- why am I hearing it? What time is it?

Then I realize- that's Brandon's ringtone on my phone. He's calling me! I lift my heavy hand from under my pillow and drop it into the bedside table drawer, grabbing at my phone. It's attached to the charger so I'm leaning into my drawer with my ear.
I try to answer sounding as awake as I can, "mmmhhelloo".
But Brandon can hear the disorientation in my voice. He asks me what I'm doing and I, assuming if he's calling it must be an hour of the morning, say, "Just getting ready to get up".
I can hear he's confused, so I look over at the clock: 2:04am.  So clearly, I am not about to get up at all.

As I'm finally becoming more awake and aware of the time and conversation I am part of I am functioning better and having a better conversation.  It was nice to hear from Brandon, even if it was 2am, and hear that he missed me.  Normally, I wouldn't welcome a late night phone call like that, but when it's him I'd gladly answer :)  

Sunday, 18 March 2012 your fingertips!

Guess what?

There's a World of Warcraft iPhone App.  And Brandon has it.  Don't get too excited WoW fans, it isn't the actual's just a hub of sorts which allows you to:
  •  track your auctions 
  • see who has power of special areas you are trying to win over (?) 
  • speak to members of your group you're in 
  • view achievements
  • view upcoming events
  • view characters and stats
  • talent tree organizer
  • server maintenance reports
  • general news

It's called the Mobile Armory (in Canada we'd spell it Armoury, but for the US readers I'll leave it as is), and Brandon is in love.  He feels so organized and has his WoW info all right at his fingertips-wherever he may be.  He can win auctions while at work.  He can see if his group has power over Toblerone (or some place that sounds like the yummy chocolatey treat) from bed then get up in the wee hours of the night to go get his part of the power.  The opportunities are endless and he loves it!
Varbosa tricked out
 The catch?!  This stupid app costs $3!!!  PER MONTH!!!!!  So not only do you PAY to download the game, then PAY to "run" the game each month, but now you PAY to download the app AND PAY to run the stupid app??!!!?  Blizzard you rip people off! You convince them they need this game by luring them in with your freeness at the beginning and saving all the good quests, mounts and all the other silly items until higher levels and then once they are hooked, they must pay for these "exciting" items!  Highway robbery, as my grandmother would say.

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Bad at Being Irish

 With St. Patrick's Day upon us, you'd think a good Irish girl would have hopping plans to get out in the metropolis city in which I live.  But sadly, as I've mentioned before, my life just isn't that exciting.  Brandon is still in his hometown, I work until the late evening and all my friends are back in my hometown.  So, following work I will come home to emptiness and perhaps partake in a beer with Hudson.  I'm going to wear a green sweater today- in hopes it'll make me feel more festive.

So, if you're headed out tonight to celebrate St. Patrick, have a green beer for me won't you?

Friday, 16 March 2012

Today I Learned...

... that my tasty friend, yogurt, is made of milk bacteria! Ummm ewww!  (That's a lie, I learned this yesterday)

But even so, am I the only one who didn't know yogurt- a supposedly nutritional and yummy breakfast and snack item- is made from the bacteria from milk?

... AND, that your friendly campfire sidekick- marshmallows- are partially made from ground up animal bones!!  What is this world coming to?!  And how didn't I know these things prior to 24 hours ago?

I think my closest friends and family knew how disgusted I would be, and decided to hide this information from me.  But, somehow it's been leaked and now I must decide whether I can go on enjoying these snacks or if by the sheer fact that I now know what they're made of means I can no longer eat them. 
Sort of like when you're a kid and you find out what hotdogs are made of.  I remember distinctly the girl in grade 3 who told me.  I'm pretty sure she did it to ruin my life.  And I'll admit for maybe a year I did my best to stay away from hotdogs.  But jokes on you, grade 3 witch, I've come to terms with leftover meats being ground together to form a sausage mimicked food for my consumption!

Thursday, 15 March 2012

There He Goes Again

Well, Brandon's off again for his hometown to work his shifts. Good for the bills, sad for me. I'd love to say I was having big parties and having all sorts of people over, but sadly my life just isn't that exciting. Instead, my days will be filled with work, errands, taking care of Hudson and making dinners for one. (And maybe passing off my leftovers to Jai. If he dare eat them.)

In fact, tonight I spent a lovely evening watching "The Muppets" new movie (which was fantastic, by the way), drinking Steamwhistle beer (also fantastic) and munching on chippies, Hudson at my feet. 

I was saddened that my all-time favourite Muppet, Pepe, the King Prawn only had a very short appearance (trying to woo Miss Piggy in typical Pepe fashion).  I would like the Disney Muppeteres to consider this, my blog post, a formal petition for a Pepe, the King Prawn official Muppet movie!  He has a book (which is still on my birthday list- hint hint) which is a great piece of classical literature, why not add motion picture film to his repertoire?!  

Though a good night, it would have been better with my man next to me.  However, I would not have been able to relate to Amy Adams' duet with Miss Piggy had I not been alone.  Take a look- be sure to turn up your speakers!

Have I mentioned how much I love Amy Adams?  She's so much fun. So, tonight I had a "me partay, don't need nobody else, a me partay- I'm the first and last to show" I think that's my cue to go grab some warm milk and tuck myself into bed.  It must be way past my bedtime by now.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

My Boyfriend's Back (and you're going be in trouble)

I've been missing from posting lately, because Brandon came home!!! Yay!! I'm sure there are lots of people out there who go more than a week without seeing their significant other, but I don't like it. So once he came home I basically have just been spending as much time with him as possible. Because soon he will go back to work.

While he was gone, Hudson decided that side of the bed was betrothed to him. Each night I would tell him "No!" and each morning I'd wake up to a giant dog paw in my face or ribs. Now that Brandon has returned, Hudson seems a bit put out by the fact "his spot" is gone. Little does he know Brandon is ready for the fight- and I'm certain he'll win.

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Queen of the Screen Protectors

I work at a telecommunications company, unfortunately in their retail sector (for now). And I see so many ridiculous things, but let me tell you how frustrating cell phone screen protectors are! I deal with them almost on a daily basis. Whether my fellow coworkers are asking me (Queen of the Screen Protectors) to put it on someone's phone, listening to a customer complain because it isn't on correctly or seeing the invariable dreaded air bubbles appear. Screen protectors are something that annoy me more than any other cell phone accessory. And that says enough, seeing as I am surrounded and use them every day for my work.

What made this rant come to fruition? The fact that I have put on many screen protectors and they're perfect. That recently I put on a new screen protector onto my own phone and only a few months later I have a lurking air bubble! Bollucks! How, does the Queen of the Screen Protectors, get an air bubble?! So unfair! As I type this on my phone, I'm staring at it and hating it! It's driving me crazy! I've got some OCD tendencies, so this air bubble is like a giant zit poking its dirty-ass face at me! Ugh! Go away, air bubble! Go away!

The amount of screen protectors some will go through to
rid themselves of the dreaded air bubbles!

Friday, 9 March 2012

Today I Learned...

My dog has an addiction to socks and dish towels.

Tonight Jai came back from a few days escape from the apartment.  Of course, Hudson went crazy.  My dog is in love with Jaisun.  I fear in a match between he and I, he would win the favourite contest.  (But I don't tell him, nor acknowledge that) Anyhow, Hudson was waiting patiently outside Jai's bedroom door for him to exit the room, which eventually he did.  At which time Hudson resumed his love fest.  (Barf.)  While Jai was in the bathroom- Hudson got so excited he ran into my bedroom, grabbed my balled up pair of work socks, ran back out into the living room, dropped said socks on his bed in the corner then dropped his large-ass self in front of me.  Looking up at me with guilty eyes, Hudson knew he had done wrong.  Again.

Of course, he got in trouble and whimpered to himself, hoping when Jai exited the washroom he would surely join him in the pity party.  What Hudson didn't expect, was that he was still in trouble.  Thus meaning, would not be allowed to get up and love up Jai like normal.  This prompted Jai to ask why- so I explained.  And this is when I realized, actually was educated, that my dog has an addiction.  An addiction to stealing (and sometimes consuming) socks.  Jai seems to think it's a cry for help, the dropping of the socks and then immediate surrender of himself.  He knows he's doing wrong, and openly admits it.  So why, Hudson, why do you take socks?  And why eat them?

Hudson has become so well known for his sock thievery, his food dish is customized with his name and a pair of socks, and his hand made ornament I made for Christmas, also has Hudson adorning a sock between his paws.

I'm thinking of starting a support group.  If you know of anyone with a similar sock "issue", let me know and we can enroll them in the 9 step recovery program.  Only, 3 easy payments of $19.95!!

Photo credit: Tim Bannister

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Today I Learned...

I don't like living alone.

I knew when Brandon got a job back near his home town (which is really only a 35 minute drive away), that he wouldn't be here as much as I was used to.  He would be staying with his parents, to make the commute shorter and the gas costs, well, not his problem.  But I didn't realize the new place he got hired would decide to schedule him full 40 hour weeks!  It's great for our finances, but not so great for our time spent together.  Which is nill!  I can't afford to drive back and forth, plus I have work right around the corner from where we are supposed to live.  So I guess, for now, we work it out and learn how to adjust to not seeing each other quite as much.

I'm sure it's all corny and mushy, but there hasn't been any length of time longer than 48 hours in the last two years that we haven't spent time together.  I'm used to having him around.  Even if it is leaving his dish towel on the couch, playing video games all day, or stacking his clean laundry in the dirty laundry basket.  I've become somewhat accustomed to that all.  (Not that I want him to continue those habits when he returns any more than I did prior!)

There will be good points to it I'm sure, like watching anything I want on TV.  Watching chick flicks when I feel necessary.  Being just me, I get to make all my decisions alone now.  You know, the super important ones like, "what should I eat for dinner?" and "does this shirt fit right on me?"  No longer will I receive the professional input from my man.  I suppose I could still pass those decisions by him, in hopes of things seeming normal again.  But maybe, I'll try to make those decisions all on my own.  Like a big girl. Nah... I don't want to be a big girl.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Why the Shower Can be Terrifying

We live in an apartment, so needless to say, our shower is more on the petite side.  Granted, so am I, but still I enjoy my shower time (as stated in this post) and I would prefer a larger space to bathe in. Since this just isn't possible right now, I will instead tell you just why the shower can be terrifying.

As already stated, the shower is small.  The ceiling is low (Brandon can flat palm the ceiling), it's approximately 3 feet wide and when I lay my 5'1" body down in it, well I can't lay down at all.  I must sit, and my feet touch the end of the tub.  Don't get me wrong, I know I am lucky to even have a tub as opposed to a stand alone shower.

I usually shower, for time and convenience sake.  When I step in, to my left is a cold, white tiled wall and to my right is my fun variations of blue-dotted shower curtain, behind my semi-transparent shower curtain liner.  Normally this would sound ok (and I'm sure in many parts of the world this is beyond luxurious!), but our shower curtains are of standard size.  Not small apartment size.  In fact, I have yet to find a shower curtain in a different size- this could be a niche market to break into.  So the liner will often pillage into the tub at you.  There seems to be an odd, unexplainable breeze in our bathroom, that shoots the liner into the tub.  Sometimes the breeze can be so hardy, the liner touches you! Ewww!  It's cold and clingy.  So I hurriedly lean away from it- and right into the cold, wet tile.  Ewww! Do you see the predicament?  I either let the cold, wet, grimy curtain liner cling to my body or I cling myself to the cold, wet tile!  Neither option is ideal.  Hence, why the shower can be terrifying.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Girl's Anatomy

I had to drive Brandon to a job interview the other day, and because we didn't know how long it was going to take, (sometimes they last 15 minutes, sometimes an hour) I waited outside in the car. Turns out, this interview was on the longer side. I waited outside in my crapbox of a car for an hour and 20 minutes.

Thankfully, I had brought a book, my laptop, my phone, some snacks and drinks to keep me occupied and content. (I sound like a toddler, don't I?) As I was keeping busy I realized I really had to pee, but thought, "I can hold it a few more minutes". But those few minutes turned into many and I realized I was not, in fact, going to be able to hold it. So, I went into the closest retail store and frantically looked for a public washroom before I peed myself right in their TV section. I ended up asking a nice man, who I'm sure wanted to know why this 20-something gal was doing a variation of the pee-pee dance, and he directed me to the washroom. Success!

I returned to my car to do some further reading, and all was going well. Until I realized I had again polished off another drink! Usually my bladder is easy to deal with, but on this particular day it just wasn't cooperating. I surely couldn't return to the same retail store and use their washroom again. What if the same people saw me and realized I was just using them for their bathroom facilities? Or realized this same girl is still in the store after 45 minutes and hasn't purchased or even looked at a single thing! So, I looked around my car. What did I have that could serve as a temporary toilet? There was a pop can, a cup, plastic baggie... This is when a girl's anatomy sucks the big one! Had I been born a man, I could have hopped to the side of the building or even used the cup in a much easier way. But, if that was the case, and I was born a man, I'd also be doing all sorts of other dumb things.

In case this left you too much in suspense- I ended up waiting until we arrived at the farm my horse lives at to pee behind the barn. It was a tough journey down the dirt road, but I made it!

Friday, 2 March 2012

Track Pants

The clothing of choice in this household among the men are, you guessed it, track pants.  Prior to officially moving in with Brandon I had only seen him wear track pants at the gym.  Even when I basically lived with him on a 3/4 of the time basis, I rarely saw him wear them.  Then, we moved into our place.  Track pants emerged from the woodwork!  He had at least, 5 pairs of track pants!  Where did they come from?   I wasn't prepared for this.  But there he sits, wearing his track pants.  I suppose I can see the comfort potential in wearing them.

Jai warned me before moving in.  He told me, that when not in his work uniform or a school outfit, he regularly wears track pants around the house.  So, basically as you walk into my house and see the men emerge (it almost sounds like I run a man whore house or something) they will almost undoubtedly be wearing track pants.  Just beware of the fashion malfunction before you come over.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Beauty vs the Beasts... Or fashion at the gym

I try to go to the gym with Brandon when I can. Due to our opposite schedules, it doesn't work out to be more than 1-2 times per week, leaning more towards the 1. It's not that I don't want to go, it's the times he goes and the fact I'm usually working during those times. Very unhelpful to my ideal fit body!

But the days I do go to the gym, I realize something different between the men and women- beyond the obvious. The men wear very practical gym clothes: plain black and white running shoes, usually of some name brand, typically the more expensive the better, baggy shorts (the kind that static cling and resemble those they wore in grade 11 gym class) and some old Tshirt (also possibly from highschool) that has a grungy greyish-yellowish tinge to it from the sweat and ridiculous excessive washing it's endured over the years. Most of the men there don't care what they look like, because they're there for the sole purpose to work out. Of course, there are those exceptions. Those men that aren't quite fully men in their heart of hearts, because they're very cautious about how much they sweat and what brands adorn their "ripped" bodies, and watching themselves in the mirrors. But these guys shouldn't really be considered men at all. They don't count.

Women, on the other hand, are very different. Well, let me rephrase that, the 35> women are different. They (this includes me) find nicely fitting yoga pants from Lu Lu Lemon (or similar, perhaps cheaper, brands). These pants will accentuate the buttocks, black in colour with some kind of splash of colour around the waste or maybe, a stripe. On top, they'll wear a stretchy top, perfectly positioned and situated to cover any possible "muffin top" and a bra which perfectly lifts but also supports to ensure she looks cute but not night-walker inspired. She may wear a sweatshirt of some kind, but it will be cute and match the other aspects of the outfit. Her hair will be up, most likely, and slightly disheveled but almost purposefully so. Her makeup will vary from light to regular daily wear. You see, this girl cares about how she looks AT the gym. It's important to keep up the cute image... Even while in the process of self improvement.

As I mentioned, there's another woman at the gym. She's not so concerned with her image at the gym. I'm not saying this woman is worse, in fact, good for her for being there for one purpose only. But being frumpy while at the gym doesn't seem to improve their results any. So, I'd rather be cute.