Friday, 2 March 2012

Track Pants

The clothing of choice in this household among the men are, you guessed it, track pants.  Prior to officially moving in with Brandon I had only seen him wear track pants at the gym.  Even when I basically lived with him on a 3/4 of the time basis, I rarely saw him wear them.  Then, we moved into our place.  Track pants emerged from the woodwork!  He had at least, 5 pairs of track pants!  Where did they come from?   I wasn't prepared for this.  But there he sits, wearing his track pants.  I suppose I can see the comfort potential in wearing them.

Jai warned me before moving in.  He told me, that when not in his work uniform or a school outfit, he regularly wears track pants around the house.  So, basically as you walk into my house and see the men emerge (it almost sounds like I run a man whore house or something) they will almost undoubtedly be wearing track pants.  Just beware of the fashion malfunction before you come over.

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