Sunday, 4 March 2012

Girl's Anatomy

I had to drive Brandon to a job interview the other day, and because we didn't know how long it was going to take, (sometimes they last 15 minutes, sometimes an hour) I waited outside in the car. Turns out, this interview was on the longer side. I waited outside in my crapbox of a car for an hour and 20 minutes.

Thankfully, I had brought a book, my laptop, my phone, some snacks and drinks to keep me occupied and content. (I sound like a toddler, don't I?) As I was keeping busy I realized I really had to pee, but thought, "I can hold it a few more minutes". But those few minutes turned into many and I realized I was not, in fact, going to be able to hold it. So, I went into the closest retail store and frantically looked for a public washroom before I peed myself right in their TV section. I ended up asking a nice man, who I'm sure wanted to know why this 20-something gal was doing a variation of the pee-pee dance, and he directed me to the washroom. Success!

I returned to my car to do some further reading, and all was going well. Until I realized I had again polished off another drink! Usually my bladder is easy to deal with, but on this particular day it just wasn't cooperating. I surely couldn't return to the same retail store and use their washroom again. What if the same people saw me and realized I was just using them for their bathroom facilities? Or realized this same girl is still in the store after 45 minutes and hasn't purchased or even looked at a single thing! So, I looked around my car. What did I have that could serve as a temporary toilet? There was a pop can, a cup, plastic baggie... This is when a girl's anatomy sucks the big one! Had I been born a man, I could have hopped to the side of the building or even used the cup in a much easier way. But, if that was the case, and I was born a man, I'd also be doing all sorts of other dumb things.

In case this left you too much in suspense- I ended up waiting until we arrived at the farm my horse lives at to pee behind the barn. It was a tough journey down the dirt road, but I made it!

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  1. So you still acted like a boy & peed behind the barn. Nice. LOL ~C