Sunday, 3 February 2013

Overextended Holiday Decor

It's February everyone! Why are there still people in the neighbourhoods who continue to display their Christmas/holiday decor? Lights, wreaths, ribbons, window decals, poinsettias.... The list goes on. Don't think you're fooling anyone just because you're curtains are partially closed. Or that because your house isn't the first seen on the street. We all see how lazy you are to not have taken down your decorations.

Soon we'll be onto a new "holiday"- Valentine's Day. Are you going to tell me your red Christmas lights are for Valentine's Day? If so, I know you're lying. Don't try to pull that one over on me.

So a note to all you people who keep yourChristmas lights up all year- it doesn't just fit into your home and become invisible. I know you'd like to think it does.

So please, people of the surrounding neighbourhoods, take down your Christmas decorations both inside and out and move on to the new year with other great holidays.