Thursday, 27 June 2013

Wedding Bells Have Rung

So it's finally over. The year (and 2 weeks) of planning, the deposits, the interviews with vendors, the research, the stress.... it's all done with! We got married this past Saturday and it went really well.

Sure it rained a bit, but we were able to work with it. And it stopped during the ceremony, so we were still able to do some pictures outdoors and enjoy the outdoor scenery. Having done wedding planning for others, and knowing what goes into planning and executing a wedding, I had enlisted the help of a wedding planner friend of mine, who also was a guest, so she was able to get a volunteer looking for some experience to help us out. Man was I glad they were there! Truly, if you're planning on getting married, even a small ceremony with just 80 guests (that's what we had) do yourself a favour and hire a planner! They're worth the money just for your sanity.

Both Brandon and I were super relaxed on our day. Neither of us had an idea of a "dream wedding", so whatever happened was fine by us. Sure there were components we cared about, but when it came down to things like last minute ceremony change to indoors and rearranging the processional order and a few songs getting bumped... it was all ok by us. The one thing I did care about, were the pictures. Those are the lasting visual memories. And our photographer was terrible! They showed up an hour and a half late, they forgot their flash, the batteries on their cameras died and they didn't have spares, they missed important parts of the wedding, they didn't help pose anyone, didn't take any charge, didn't bring the list of poses/shots we had sent them weeks in advance so had no idea what pictures we wanted... I mean just incredibly awful! My sister in law was very helpful and stepped in to take some pictures- which have turned out great! When I saw the ones she took I cried because I am so grateful we have some wonderful pictures that captured the day in an amazing day!!! So if you need a great photographer- I know one. And if you need a terrible one- I know one of those too!
So I can honestly say, that was the only thing that I was getting panicked about. Oh, and the fact that only half the groomsmen were at the venue half an hour after they all should have been there. But it all worked out and we recovered.

Although we've never been ones for mushy, super sentimental affairs, we both really enjoyed our day. It turned out to be a great party with some amazing friends and family. Some of Brandon's relatives from Newfoundland & Alberta flew in- so it was great to put faces to names. Our bridal party was excellent, helped us out greatly throughout the day and really helped us have a great time. Our good friend, Tyson, was a groomsman and our MC and put together some great games/activities, which was even a surprise to us!

So now that the event is over, I feel like I should all sorts of free time. And yet somehow I don't. Oh well :)

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Cooking shows make me feel inadequate

During my regular work day, I often work with one guy who loves the Food Network channel... and really who doesn't? It's wonderful. It teaches you all sorts of things like, how to cook, bake and how to not clean up your own dishes after doing all that cooking/baking. That last part I am especially good at. 

When I watch the cooking shows, or often times, eating shows, I get incredibly hungry. And then I really start to watch. You know, like intensely involved in the show. My mouth begins to water, eyes start to burn from my lack of blinking, the gurgling in my belly gets louder (and slightly more embarrassing). I watch these TV chefs dicing, slicing and dashing their way through some "super easy 15 minute braised brisket" recipe. I'm intrigued; 15 minutes, super easy? These sound like key words I am always looking for when cooking. But then I start truly watching, refer to the salivating scenario above. That "super easy" recipe includes ingredients I rarely see in the grocery store (or maybe I'm just not looking for them?). Things like, Gorgonzola cheese, sumac spice and some rare but specific breed of cattle brisket only raised in Northern Australia. Yes, absolutely- that does sound incredibly easy. But I keep watching... 

And as I continue watching, I notice how this seemingly easy recipe the chefs are cooking, really probably could be adapted to be done right in my own kitchen. But I don't have time for that! Rubbing the meat ahead of time with the spices and marinade, lightly buttering the pan, peeling the potatoes and lightly seasoning the veggies.... this all takes a lot of time. Time I often don't have. I'm not saying I don't enjoy doing this when I can. But on an average day these recipes just won't work for me. Thus, I feel inadequate about my (soon to be) wifely "duties".


Oh excuse me, that's my gourmet Kraft Dinner