Sunday, 9 June 2013

Cooking shows make me feel inadequate

During my regular work day, I often work with one guy who loves the Food Network channel... and really who doesn't? It's wonderful. It teaches you all sorts of things like, how to cook, bake and how to not clean up your own dishes after doing all that cooking/baking. That last part I am especially good at. 

When I watch the cooking shows, or often times, eating shows, I get incredibly hungry. And then I really start to watch. You know, like intensely involved in the show. My mouth begins to water, eyes start to burn from my lack of blinking, the gurgling in my belly gets louder (and slightly more embarrassing). I watch these TV chefs dicing, slicing and dashing their way through some "super easy 15 minute braised brisket" recipe. I'm intrigued; 15 minutes, super easy? These sound like key words I am always looking for when cooking. But then I start truly watching, refer to the salivating scenario above. That "super easy" recipe includes ingredients I rarely see in the grocery store (or maybe I'm just not looking for them?). Things like, Gorgonzola cheese, sumac spice and some rare but specific breed of cattle brisket only raised in Northern Australia. Yes, absolutely- that does sound incredibly easy. But I keep watching... 

And as I continue watching, I notice how this seemingly easy recipe the chefs are cooking, really probably could be adapted to be done right in my own kitchen. But I don't have time for that! Rubbing the meat ahead of time with the spices and marinade, lightly buttering the pan, peeling the potatoes and lightly seasoning the veggies.... this all takes a lot of time. Time I often don't have. I'm not saying I don't enjoy doing this when I can. But on an average day these recipes just won't work for me. Thus, I feel inadequate about my (soon to be) wifely "duties".


Oh excuse me, that's my gourmet Kraft Dinner 

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