Hi, my name is Shannon and I am the brains behind this operation.  The relationship and the blog.   (Ok fine, just the blog)  In July 2011 my boyfriend, Brandon, and I moved in together into a 3 bedroom apartment in Toronto with our 2 large dogs, Hudson and Sarah and our friend Doug. Did you read that fully?  Me and two men.  In one small apartment.  What was I thinking?  I guess I knew I'd be ok, that although I am a girl and I can, at times, be the "girly girl" I knew that I'd fit in fine with two guys.  And dealing with their mess?  Well that I'm still getting used to.

Hudson & Sarah

Brandon and I have been dating two years, and I knew early on, when we began living together, I was going to need to document our lives together.  As well as all the "mantics".  You'll be privy to reading all about these mantics as you read through my blog, from "The Travelling Tea Towel" to "Free Range Socks" and his obscure addiction to all things video games and airplanes.  I can tell I'm becoming accustomed to these things as time goes on, because I don't feel the need to write about them as often.  Or maybe he's learning?  Nah.  Brandon is a "retired" infantry army soldier, and as mentioned already, likes video games, World War II airplanes (they're tattooed on his body), graphic novels, beer, animals, hockey- more specifically the Toronto Maple Leafs and most importantly, me!  He hates to be tickled, when I embarass him in public (for example: saying "WEEEE!" in a high shrill tone while riding the street car), overall stupidity and laziness.
Since moving into our apartment in July, Doug moved out and we acquired another roommate, Jaisun.  I worked with him, so he had the utmost pleasure of my company in both places.  Unfortunately for me, he didn't provide much man-writing material for my blog.  Plus he's so committed to his schoolwork I rarely saw him leave the confines of his room.  Or maybe it's the locks on his door I installed? 

I am me.  An animal lover, with a finer appreciation for horses and dogs, a real estate dreamer, self proclaimed eco-warrior, a writer with dreams and aspirations to be published, a reader, a traveler (when I can be), apparently both a city and country gal (is that possible?), an Apple exclusive fan, a tattoo enthusiast (with more planned to grace my body soon) a lover of pink flowers with organization skills to die for.  I am not a lover of brussel sprouts (or most other vegetables to be honest), sitting in traffic, the sound of crunchy snow under my feet in the winter, the slight "pop" and spray from the yogurt container when you take off the foil when you first open it, or the feeling of cotton balls anywhere near me.  I can't stand it when Brandon tries to poke his finger in my belly button or when he picks between my toes.  These are two things about Brandon I could most definitely do without. 

In April 2012, Brandon and I decided to leave our apartment lease early and make the dreaded crazy economically smart decision to move back in with our parents in order to save up for a house of our own, and our wedding.  The plan is to save as much as we can in as short amount of time possible so we can have our own home sooner rather than later.  Though we aren't technically living together, we are immediately together upon returning home.  Meaning, I still get all the benefits of living with my dear Brandon.  The house countdown is on!

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