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Since beginning my blog I have become a lover of all things bloggy.  They're fun, educational and interesting to read about others' lives and talents.  Below are a few of the ones I've since subscribed to and/or followed.  I will continue to post more here as I continue reading- I just need to find the time. I LOVE this blog!  All about baking, specifically cookies, and the amazing decorating Bridget does!  I aim to be this good one day...hopefully before I have kids so I can impress them and their school folk with my amazing cookie skills!

Condo Blues- I enjoy this blog because of it's eco-friendly ideas and influence.  Lisa's ideas are creative and fun.  Whether I get around to creating these things is another story

Eco Econ-scious- my other blog I author, all about various spectrums of environmentalism, conscious and ethical living. 

Hello Giggles- a positive woman-centric site filled with content written by reader contributors and Zooey Deschanel, Sophia Rossi and Molly McAleer.

Knoodles- Marisa has a fun writing style and enjoyable content.

Our Daily Tales- Emily writes about conversations between her and her boyfriend.  I completely relate and find her writing incredibly funny.

Text from Dog- this blog makes me keel over in laughter so often.  Mostly because I can see our dogs saying (maybe Sarah could text them, Hudson is too clumsy) some of these witty quips.

Young House Love- my blog Gods whom I worship for their hard work and success story.  This couple has made their DIY home improvement blog their career(s).  With excellent and humourous writing mixed with their wealth of self-learned knowledge, this blog is one I check in with everyday.

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  1. Aw, thanks for including my blog on your list! I'm glad you think I'm kinda funny... Alex does, too, which is why he hasn't left me, I suppose!