30 by 30 Challenge

Through my blogging experience, I have had the opportunity to view many other wonderful (and not so wonderful) blogs.  Among my travels I came across what seems to be an Internet phenomenon: 30 by 30.

Complete 30 goals by age 30.  This gives me just under 5 years to complete these things.  I'll update each one of these goals via blog posts as I complete them.  Not necessarily in any order in particular, here is my 30 by 30 list (well 27 by 30, this is all I've got for now):

  1. purchase a home
  2. create a rental property- rent it out
  3. read 30 new books
  4. fully customize my blog 
  5. move someplace new
  6. travel to/visit at least 5 new cities I haven't been before
  7. get married
  8. ride MY horse
  9. do something that scares me
  10. try yoga
  11. travel internationally  
  12. forgive
  13. graduate
  14. take 24 hours to myself (detox)
  15. learn & practice patience
  16. do something daring/crazy
  17. purge unnecessary clutter
  18. become happily employed in a fulfilling job 
  19. learn to relax
  20. go at least one month with no junk food
  21. create my own recipe (that people enjoy & survive)
  22. adjust my thinking to the present as opposed to future
  23. get fully out of debt (beyond mortgage, car loan) 
  24. make money from writing, be published 
  25. learn to play a new instrument 
  26. have readers in at least 30 different countries
  27. take all my vitamins, supplements and pills each and every day

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