Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Dueling Laptops

Tonight our friend, Andy came over for a visit.  I was unimpressed when he showed up sans puppy... 
Adorable puppy who DIDN'T come

Andy is Brandon's friend from grade school- and also his gaming friend.  Andy is the reason Brandon obsessively plays XBox and on his new gaming laptop.  Thanks Andy.  -_-

So, he comes over with his laptop in hand, and they sit down on the edges of the couches ready to participate in their World of Warcraft activities.  *sigh*  This is what my world looks like right now:
Andy managed to lean out of the picture
I keep hearing WoW comments like, "guild rage", "meet me in that room and kill the giant spider", "we've got to look up the next quest", "can you just summon me?", "the quest starts down here, I've got to go talk to that elf", "this guild raids everyday", "I miss Rift", "you're right I have night slayer pants" etc etc. 

Periodically, Andy and Brandon will touch feet accidentally while stretching their legs.  This sparked a conversation about the fact that they have known one another for 20+ years, and touching toes/feet isn't a big deal.  Which then led to Andy saying once he's known me for 20 years he will touch my toes too.  We all know I HATE toes and feet- I told Andy NEVER to touch my feet...even after 20 years! 
This is going to be the rest of my evening.  I hope  you've got something better planned.

Sunday, 29 January 2012

The Return of the XBox

The Xbox games have been silent for a few weeks, solely because Brandon had forgotten his console at his mother's house one day while visiting.

This sparked his reconnection to World of Warcraft, a new laptop and a much more quiet household for me. Online computer gaming has been much quieter because there is no microphone system. You can't discuss your tactics and gameplay beyond an instant messaging chat. Fantastic!

However, last night... The Xbox returned. So far I haven't been subjected to any Xbox Live, or any gaming at all for that matter, but I feel like it may just be a matter of time.

Friday, 27 January 2012

Times-they are a'changin'

This weekend is a busy one for us: one man leaves, one man enters our humble abode. 

Doug is moving into a place closer to school, and the "new guy" (more commonly known as Jaisun to his friends, colleagues and family) is moving in.  No, that wasn't a typo.  His name is Jaisun.  Yes J-a-i-s-u-n.  He's different and unique, and he apparently likes his name to reflect that.

I work with Jaisun- so I'll be super exposed to his man-tics and especially able to well document them on this blog.  He seems to think he won't give me much material... I beg to differ.  He's a man.  I don't care how "well trained" he thinks he is.  There's always great material involved when there's more Y chromosomes involved.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Hosts to Ghosts

Before I was ruler of Brandon's life (I call this the B.S. time- before Shannon), he had ghost issues.  I think this point is valid and important for readers to know the following stories are not my fault.  Some of his experiences with ghosts, spirits or whatever else you want to call them include; little rodent pet bowl being thrown across the room, pokes through the shower curtain, strange men/being on the subway no one else seems to acknowledge, a supervisor at a factory job he worked who motioned him to come up to his office- that no one else saw or knew of, chairs moving etc.
Since I graced him with my presence I have also experienced some of his ghostly experiences (though I was not immune to them, nor new to my own experiences) including: hearing chairs moving in his old place when no roommates were home, someone rummaging through the laundry room though again, no one home, doors opening on their own, someone (whom I thought was Brandon) picking up his jacket in the middle of the night which had fallen on the floor (turns out Brandon was sleeping next to me), and footsteps and "living" noises when staying at my grandparents' home.

His name is Brandon, and he has a ghost problem. 

Since we have moved into our new digs, we haven't really had any ghostly activity (minus one incident where we both woke up abruptly to an extremely loud indistinguishable noise that upon inspection had no rhyme nor reason).  That is, until earlier this week.  There we were, sleeping in our cozy warm bed with the (completely unnecessary) blasting fans shooting deathly cold air onto our faces, when... CRASH!!!!!!  My bedside table had flipped onto it's back!  Waking up, extremely startled, I check the clock- 3:45am.  I look for the dogs first (assuming they had knocked something over) but they were both well away from the table.  It was then that I noticed my bedside table had gone from sitting on it's bottom (as a good night table does) to laying on it's back (whore!).  Please see the following photo to display just how sturdy and stable my night table is:

Do you see how there is little room under the legs of the table for it to become off balance at all by itself and flip onto it's back?!  As in, this did NOT happen from being knocked over or a dog being nosey.  The table resides snugly between the bed, a shelving unit and directly against a wall.  For those who like science, it would have been impossible for it to just teeter over.  It would have had to been pulled from the bottom outwards toward the end of the bed and then pushed.  I can confirm that I did not do this, nor do either of our dogs have opposable thumbs in order to pull off a stint like this either.  Needless to say, Brandon and I were up most of the night disturbed by our unwanted guest.

With approximately 3 hours of sleep, Brandon and I went about our normal activities the following day.  Bedtime came, and ignoring the previous night's events, we settled in.  I always close my bedside table drawer- because Sarah has a tendency of getting up in the morning and smacking her noggin.  Around 2am I woke up and noticed my drawer was open, so I closed it (thinking I must have overlooked Sarah's safety earlier that evening).  I drifted back into the sandman's grasp for another 45 minutes at which time I woke to see my drawer open...again.  I know I closed it just a short while before that, and I'm not opening drawers in my sleep, and we've discussed the lack of opposable thumbs my dogs have!  I left it open this time.  Sorry Sarah- someone wants it open.  What's the deal with my bedside table?!  Ghost dude I have nothing of any interest in there.  I opted not to wake Brandon up that night so he could get some sleep.

The next night was fairly quiet, although Brandon says he did hear some noises in our living area- it wasn't anything major enough to keep us awake.  But last night was a different story...

Last night, I woke up around 2:30am and saw Brandon lying awake and the TV still on.  I asked him why he was still awake and he said he had heard some chairs moving and just general "living noises"* happening in our living room.  We got up to find a dining room chair had been moved outwards from the table (as if someone had pulled it out to sit on it) and a kitchen cupboard open.  Both things we don't leave open or out.  In fact we rarely use our dining table at all, so the fact a chair was pulled out is rather presumptuous of this ghost thinking he's staying for dinner!  We closed the kitchen cupboard, briefly left the kitchen and then decided to make ourselves a snack.  Guess what was open again?  The same kitchen cupboard!  This ghost clearly has some affinity for opening things.  Listen here ghost, I'm not sure if you know this about me, but I like to keep things organized, neat, tidy and proper... don't go messing up my home for your entertainment!

As bedtime rolls near tonight, I wonder what we'll be faced with tonight.  Although not my favourite choice of nightly activities, the ghost stuff doesn't bother me all that much.  But Brandon... he despises it!  So, ghost if you are one of my avid readers of this blog, can you make my life a bit easier and quit the nighttime escapades so I can get some sleep?

Welcome Mustachio

Welcome my boyfriend to the blogging world!  Under the screen name, Mustachio, he plans to compete with my world domination of blogging while discussing his favourite lip sweater wearing celebs, his WoW progress and his reluctant reviews of the chick flicks I plan to expose him to!  Go visit him over at www.moustachemutiny.blogspot.com where you can read his virgin blog post as well as his sudo profile picture....of Tom Selleck!

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Abandoned Ikea Babies

Brandon and I headed to Ikea today to do some perusing...after he refused to wait in the emergency room for his shoulder which was in an enormous amount of pain, following a weight lifting injury.  I LOVE Ikea. LOVE IT!  I like the affordability, the styles and the sets they design because it gives me hope that one day my home will be as nice as that model kitchen they designed for their store. 

Anywhoozle, as we were walking around the showroom portion of the store we started noticing some odd behaviours of the other shoppers.  Could it just be us who was seeing this?  People leaving their strollered babies in the main aisleway while they sauntered into the smaller aisles to look for furniture!  None of them seemed to be in any kind of hurry to get back to their babies either.  Honestly, had any of them been cute enough (or white enough) to claim as my own I could likely have casually strolled away with someone else's baby!!!

One of the unfortunate children affiliated with these parents was sitting in his baby bucket carrier, inside of the very smooth rolling Ikea carts.  This kid seemed to be floating away from his parents, who were paying no attention to him and all their attention on the gorgeous bedroom set! 
Seriously, have any of you ever used one of those carts?  They are so nice- gliding down the aisles effortlessly.  However, along with the use of the nice gliding cart comes with the responsibility of directing the cart in a straight line.  For some reason, Ikea thought it to be a good idea to have carts which can go in all directions easily and effortlessly.  Ikea, those multi-directional castors are fantastic... for office chairs!!  You should change your cart wheels to frontwards-backwards, like a regular store.  I know you aren't any old regular store, but in this case I think you could bend a bit.  For the safety of the children!

Monday, 23 January 2012

The Big Bang Theory

An example of a comment made with good intentions...

Brandon and I were watching The Big Bang Theory the other day, a show we both thoroughly enjoy. Brandon has a slight obsession with Sheldon, the socially defunct genius of the show, often saying things such as, "I wish I was Sheldon" which in turn forces me to shake my head in shame.

So, we were watching a scene including the normal gang of nerds, Penny (their hot blonde neighbour) and Howard's new girlfriend, Bernadette, who is equal parts nerd as the four boys of the show.
As the show fades to commercial, Brandon says, "I think Bernadette is much hotter than Penny, because she reminds me of you"

Though said with nice and good intentions, I couldn't help but cringe a bit that I remind him of the nerdy chick from the show.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

The Girl's Guide to World of Warcraft: Part 1

Recently, Brandon told me he had a "very important question to ask" me when I got home from an evening out with a friend.  But it took me nearly 30 minutes of tickle torture, questioning, begging and pleading for him to finally tell me what it was he wanted to ask me: "will you play World of Warcraft with me?".  I laughed because that is not a "very important question" in my opinion, but I agreed to try.

Not because World of Warcraft (better known to the diehard fans as, WOW) was a game I had craved to play all my life, but instead to try and relate to and understand Brandon's games better.  Maybe if I played it with him I would see what the draw and obsession with these games is?  I won't leave you in suspense much longer... I'm no longer playing WOW.

My trial of the game lasted a day.  More like a couple hours.  It wasn't so terrible at first.  I got to pick out my own person and what they looked like, their skills etc., then I got to explore around the crazy part-medieval, part-fantasy world my character "Shion" was put in to. 
After an hour or so of accepting and completing quests, I looked at Brandon and asked him what else there was to do. 
I got a blank stare. 
He informed me this was what there was to do.
He also told me that to get any real achievements done in the game I should be spending anywhere between 3-6 hours of playtime. 
I don't have the attention span for dedication to one activity for that long.  Even if the story was super exciting and entertaining, I still would probably only last an hour or two... on a day when I had nothing else scheduled.

So, WOW isn't a game I find enthralling or really even very exciting at all.  And I thought about all the other women out there who have to listen to Warcraft stories and watch their boyfriends, husbands, brothers and various other significant men in their lives, play this game for hours on end.  I felt I needed to create a Girl's Guide to World of Warcraft.  So here it is, the beginning of what will possibly be the first coherent understanding (for women) of the game they call WOW.

When you begin playing WOW, you must first choose what species you'd like to play.  In regular games the choice would be obvious: human Italian plumber, human pirate, lime green big-nosed dinosaur...  However, WOW is a species of game all it's own.  You can choose over 8 different species to play in the game, from 2 different groups.
  • Human- normal, like you and me, most popular
  • Dwarf- small & robust, with resistance to injury being lower to the ground
  • Night Elf- similar to a human, able to retreat quickly
  • Gnome- nimble, short but can keep up with the taller species
  • Draenei- a gift for healing, and more accurate fighter
  • Worgen- once humans, they are now like super humans
  • Orc- tough, with a natural instinct to befriend animals
  • Undead- somewhat of a zombie, dead- but not dead, they consume corpses for power
  • Tauren- a half cow type, with strength & endurance with resistance to poison
  • Troll- similar to those rubber naked toys we played with as kids, but uglier can attack & cast spells quicker
  • Blood Elf- have magical abilities, with a good defense system against the magic too
  • Goblin- oversized hands and feet, with a rocket belt to jump forward faster
Each of these species has it's own pros and cons, abilities and strengths and you choose according to what you see as most important, while not forgetting what job you will give your character.  I know, right?  Job?  They couldn't just say if you are a Gnome you are a Hunter... but instead, they give you certain job options depending upon which species you choose.  (We'll cover the job portion in another post)  When choosing a species, keep in mind how cool you want to look and what you'll be doing as a profession in the game.  Brandon is a Goblin.  Really, I kind of just chose based on how awesome I could look.  I was a Dwarf.  And I was kick ass and cute!!  That's all that really mattered to me.


Saturday, 21 January 2012

Beard Comb

Following the post on beards and how...ummm.... pedophile looking they are, Brandon decided to stop shaving.  I'm not sure if it was just because, or if he read the post and decided to annoy me.  Either way, the beard is a-growing!  It's almost been a week and it's coarse, thick and calico in colour.

yes this post is all about this little comb!
Then, the other day he found his trimming comb.  And oh what fun that's been.  He carries it with him everywhere around the house.  Like a young child and his "blankie", this comb is his new toy.  He taps tables with it, combs his face, his hair, runs the tangs over his teeth, tries to brush my hair and uses it as a pointer.  Basically, whatever he can do with this tiny black comb he does.  He thinks it makes his beard smoother and not as rough on my face.  I can't confirm nor deny this as I don't know that it really makes much of a difference.  But he's happy- and that makes me happy.

In fact, he's so happy the other day he was doing a skip/slow gallop down the hallway.  It was cute, but I couldn't help be reminded of the Maxwell House commercial with the really happy little girl.  Not that he looked like a little blonde girl...

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Shit Guys Don't Say

For those of you who haven't seen this:

A friend sent this to me, and it made me laugh because yes these are typically things men don't say...however there are a few statements in there I've heard around my house before.  :)


Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Shops at Don Mills

There's a mall in Toronto. Shops at Don Mills. It's something different than other malls in our city. It's like it's own little village, with store fronts all being open to the inner streets. I would compare it something similar to a ski resort with a shopping village. Does this make sense?

It's pretty, fun, beautiful at Christmas time and full of lots of expensive but lovely stores. Can you tell I love this mall? 'cause I do! You feel apart from typical busy city life.

Brandon hates this place.  Perhaps it's because he worked in a store there for a short while, but mostly it's cause he says the people there are "yuppy" (or yuppie). 

Urban dictionary's definition is: "Informal for (y)oung (U)rban (P)rofessional, or Yup. turned into yuppie in the 1980's. A term used to describe someone who is young, possibly just out of college, and who has a high-paying job and an affluent lifestyle. Can now be used to describe any rich person who is not modest about their financial status"

I, on the other hand, would love to be able to afford to shop there and if I had the spare time I would sit and enjoy the atmosphere.

Whatever Brandon.

Monday, 16 January 2012

Defense Mechanism

I have a defense mechanism that is nearly always effective.  It's simple, straight-forward and would probably work with anyone.  Anyone who has a conscience anyway.  Here's how it goes:

Brandon begins to show signs of wrestling me down to tickle me, lick my toes or some equally horrible violent act.  I, seeing this as a potential threat to my safety and well-being, immediately begin saying "OW OW OW OW OW!!!!!"

As stated before, this almost always works to at least deter him until I have a chance to gather my physical defenses. 

I'm just saying, if you have anyone in your life who tries to cause you terrible-ness give this defense mechanism a try.  Yell out a painful word/scream before they actually get a chance to make contact.  It may buy you some time to come up with a better defense mechanism. 

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Scary Movies Have Bad Parenting

I feel like whatever scary movie I watch there are always kids who go out "discovering" alone.  It's usually some kid between 6-12 years old, and the family is never really "normal".  Instead they are either overtly happy or strangely dysfunctional.

The Overtly Happy Family

This family is introduced to us during some great family outing or maybe a family dinner.  They're laughing and enjoying their time together- heads falling backwards in laughter, holding hands, skipping etc.  This family loves each other SO much and likes to show the viewers just how amazing their family is.  This family ends up being torn apart or at least a rift put between them by the events happening around them.

The Dysfunctional Family

These ones usually involve parents who are no longer together in some fashion, whether by divorce, a death or just a current fight.  This causes some kind of anger within the child(ren) and usually ends up with acting out.  The kid(s) then will be reprimanded by their parent(s) as they don't understand why their kid(s) could possibly be acting in such a terrible manner.

But regardless of the family situation, the kids are always out and about alone- no parental supervision.  Maybe it's just me here, but at 7 years old my mother always knew where I was and what I was doing.  Of course I was given some freedom to choose my own activities but my mother still knew where I was playing in the house or in the yard.  This is where my point comes in that scary movies have terrible parents.  What are these parents doing?!  Why are they not supervising their kids?  They're always too busy working excessively, or too consumed with their own professional and personal lives to have time to supervise their kids.  This is the biggest downfall, and clearly why bad things are happening to them!

My mother, who always supervised me, never had to worry about small gremlin monsters attacking me, ghosts trying to take my soul, none of my family members went crazy and tried to kill me, I was never possessed by a demon and I never tried to kill any of my family members because I was pissed off by my being different.  So I've got to think, she must've done something right.  And these crazy parents in the scary movies could learn a thing or two.  Just monitor and supervise your damn kids!!   

In the end there is almost always some reasonable and obvious explanation for all the craziness and scariness of the film.  Someone was dreaming, the house was haunted or there is some alternate universe.

Don't you just love scary movies and their logic!?

Friday, 13 January 2012

Beards & Facial Hair

I think this above picture accurately depicts what every 20 something male thinks in their heads when they want to grow a beard.  The other 3 points of view are also accurate.  What is it about the beard that makes men think they look fantastic?  Is it truly the 12-year-old self in the back of their minds egging them on?

"self you can grow a beard.  People will now know how mature and manly you are.  Congratulations on growing this fine facial hair."

This is really quite scary for the girlfriends and wives out there.  We see our men not shave for a couple days/weeks (or in Brandon's case a day) and a little bit of worry piques in our minds.

"he wouldn't be growing a beard, right?  It's just a (few) day(s).  He got busy.  He knows how dirty beards typically look on men...right?"

Very few men can pull off a beard. I would give Santa the exception here- his beard is a requirement of the job. Otherwise, men out there, please don't think you look good with a beard.  You probably don't.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

NBC Failed Advertisement

As I was watching The Office the other night, an advertising spot came on the TV for the upcoming news at 11pm.  This is what the bottom banner said:

In case you can't read it properly, it says "TONIGHT AT ELEVAN"

Elevan?!  Really NBC?  You couldn't find someone on your advertising staff who could spell eleven correctly?  For shame NBC- for shame.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012


This is an example of an 82% grade.

I give him 82% because he threw away his Bagelfull garbage in the bin, recycled his cereal box...but forgot these 2 important aspects of breakfast cleanup.  But congrats Brandon, 82% is an A-!

Yogurt lid film and lid left on the counter.  -10%

Yogurt container sitting in sink with water- an attempt to rinse the container for recycling bin. -8%

Monday, 9 January 2012


I hate feet!  Specifically toes.  Eww.  Long, crooked, sweaty, hairy, bendy...ugh I hate toes!

Brandon doesn't mind toes.  I may even go as far as to say he likes them.  Eww! So he knows that touching my toes in any way disgusts me. Makes me actually want to vomit all over the couch- or wherever I happen to be at the time.  Of course, this means he tries every opportunity to touch, tickle or even....lick my toes!!

I chose this picture because it was the happiest picture of feet I could find.

The answer to your first question is, no, Brandon does not have a foot fetish.  The answer to your second question is, he does it just to bug me.  What he never seems to learn from is the reaction I always have when he does such terrible things to me.  Physical violence.

The previous photo then made me think of this adorable movie

Growing up with an older brother who was into hockey and wrestling meant I had to find ways to defend myself.  Because he was always bigger and stronger than I was I found other ways to fend off the enemy.  This usually resulted in kicking, biting or pinching.  (Hey, a girl has to do what a girl has to do!)  So Brandon receives many practiced years of male torturing.  Because of the logistics- him holding onto my feet- kicking is generally my preferred method.  However, I don't rule out a tickle (his worst torture) or pinch every now and then.  He gets mad when I hurt him- but if he would just stop touching my feet we wouldn't have this issue.

Toes are disgusting.  Well, feet in general are gross.  When I searched the word "toes" in Google, my results were horrifying.  The images of webbed toes, broken toes, foot fungi, uncared for feet among all the normal feet cemented my idea that toes and the feet they dwell on are terribly disgusting things that do little more for us than provide some extra balance as we walk.  Thanks for that little bit toes, but could you stop being so gross and all?!

Sunday, 8 January 2012

The Gym!

Today I'm going to the gym with Brandon. I'm not really a gym person, I like walking, hiking or other casual activities that don't make me excessively sweat. Yes, I know you need to break a sweat in order to burn any calories but I don't want to. Correction: I want to burn calories but not break a sweat. That's gross.

I have to admit once I get there I'm ok. And I do like looking good and fit. But it's initiating the habit of going again that's my problem. I'm working until 5pm and really all I want to do once I'm done is go home and hang out on the couch, read a few blogs, eat dinner and relax. But instead I'll be headed to the gym with Brandon.

Maybe I'll just do yoga!
Yippee! Wish me luck!

*As an update, we didn't end up going to the gym.  Instead we went to see our friend's adorable puppy.  Shannon: win* 

Friday, 6 January 2012

Chick Flicks

There's a reason romantic comedy movies are usually dubbed "chick flicks"... they're intended for women- not men.  I try my best to only watch these when Brandon isn't around or when he's playing his XBox.  And although I'm not the girly girl who enjoys watching drama or stupidity, I do enjoy a decent chick flick.

Recently, I watched "I Don't Know How She Does It" with Sarah Jessica Parker.  Not such a huge fan of hers, but I really liked this movie.  One of my favourite lines in the movie is "trying to be a man is a waste of a woman"  How true it is.  And is it terrible that while watching the movie I thought, "wow she is amazing- I hope I can juggle everything like she does once I have a family"?  Basically, the whole movie is about SJP's character and how she juggles her flourishing career, her family and all the many appointments and functions that go along with having a family and career.  Cute movie.  Totally not for the guys in our lives though- so don't waste your time cause they'll hate it.

I realized something while watching it though.  Chick flicks are incredibly mean and torturous to men.  I don't just mean to watch.  I mean for the thoughts and feelings that women have following the watching of a chick flick.  Our expectations are raised for men.  We want a new breed of man after watching a lovey dovey chick flick.  We want a man we know we aren't with- who understands all our problems, accepts our idiosyncrasies without comment, who realizes how hard we work and mentions it, who surprises us with nice dinners and gifts, who tells his friends how awesome we are instead of complaining about our lady-isms.  But we all know, deep down, these men don't really exist.  At least not for any length of time beyond a few minutes or hours in a night.  Our men are never going to show up on a white horse holding out a bouquet of flowers, or take us on a surprise picnic at sunset with our favourite foods.  So while chick flicks are fun, cute and nice to watch they really are completely unfair to the men in our lives.      

Why My Side of the Bed is Better

I'm just going to make a list, to keep it simple for you all.

  • there's no doors on my side for anyone to enter the room and kill me
  • the bathroom is closest to my side
  • it's got my "groove" which fits me beautifully (almost like a cocoon) 
  • my plentiful toiletries and beauty products are on my side
  • it's not as cold as Brandon's side because there are no exterior doors
  • the dogs sleep on my side (because it's best)
  • there's no laundry laying on the floor
  • I sleep there- what more reason do you need?!
I'm free of the ghost grabbing zone too!

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Today I Learned...

... when poop becomes important.

Over the past couple of weeks, Hudson has been sick on and off.  We're not sure if he's allergic to his food, or maybe ate something he shouldn't have (big surprise).  But whatever it was- he was sick.  Poor dog had diarrhea.  Poor us had to get up multiple times per night to take him outside for him to hunker around.  It was sad...and annoying.

So, once we got him feeling better I realized I was monitoring his poop.  I was watching for how often he pooped and what his poop looked like.  This is the day I realized when poop becomes important.  I can't say it was a good day- just interesting.


The Couch Wipe

We have off-white (or beige) couches.  They are the typical IKEA couches, and we have slipcovers over them so we can remove them and wash (a smart investment when you have canine companions!).  Brandon often snacks while sitting on the couches.  What does this have to do with the couches or this post?

My dear Brandon tends to wipe his dirty, snacky hands on the back or arms of the couch.  He'll try to do this nonchalantly, thinking I'm not noticing.  But I notice every time.  The action goes something like this:

  • hand in bag of snack
  • snack to mouth
  • repeat (perhaps up to 3 times)
  • hand swiftly swings to back of couch with a quick wiping action and an immediate return of hand back into the snack bag
Yes, we have slipcovers so we can wash them.  But that doesn't mean I want snack crumbs/grease on them in between washings.  Plus they totally suck to get on and off.

Brandon- stop wiping your dirty snacky hands on our couches!!

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Mancare Update

He's a tiny man.  My friend's son I mean- not Brandon. He's almost 2 years old but already showing some typical man behaviours.  A few weeks ago in daycare said small man decided to make friends the unconventional way.... by locking them in the baby room!

I suppose most daycare centres have separate rooms for different aged children so as to ensure they are  properly taken care of and big ones aren't running down the small ones.  So, my friend's toddler decided he wanted some... one-on-one time with the other small ones.  Problem was- he forgot to invite the care worker (you know, the big adult ones) into the room with them.  Oops!  He must have overlooked that invite.

So, for what I think my friend said was an hour, the little ones were locked inside of this room with no adult supervision.  This goes to show you what men are capable of!  At only one year old.

So, this got me thinking... if this is what tiny men are capable of (outwitting the care workers), what could the big, grown men be capable of?  What about their caregivers at the mancare?  This is definitely something we hadn't considered and must be delved into further to prevent these men from outwitting any caregivers that are hired on.  I figure so long as we keep them distracted and occupied we should be ok.  Here's hoping.