Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Shops at Don Mills

There's a mall in Toronto. Shops at Don Mills. It's something different than other malls in our city. It's like it's own little village, with store fronts all being open to the inner streets. I would compare it something similar to a ski resort with a shopping village. Does this make sense?

It's pretty, fun, beautiful at Christmas time and full of lots of expensive but lovely stores. Can you tell I love this mall? 'cause I do! You feel apart from typical busy city life.

Brandon hates this place.  Perhaps it's because he worked in a store there for a short while, but mostly it's cause he says the people there are "yuppy" (or yuppie). 

Urban dictionary's definition is: "Informal for (y)oung (U)rban (P)rofessional, or Yup. turned into yuppie in the 1980's. A term used to describe someone who is young, possibly just out of college, and who has a high-paying job and an affluent lifestyle. Can now be used to describe any rich person who is not modest about their financial status"

I, on the other hand, would love to be able to afford to shop there and if I had the spare time I would sit and enjoy the atmosphere.

Whatever Brandon.

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  1. He would like the word DINK then as well.
    (D)ouble (I)ncome (N)o (K)ids.