Friday, 13 January 2012

Beards & Facial Hair
I think this above picture accurately depicts what every 20 something male thinks in their heads when they want to grow a beard.  The other 3 points of view are also accurate.  What is it about the beard that makes men think they look fantastic?  Is it truly the 12-year-old self in the back of their minds egging them on?

"self you can grow a beard.  People will now know how mature and manly you are.  Congratulations on growing this fine facial hair."

This is really quite scary for the girlfriends and wives out there.  We see our men not shave for a couple days/weeks (or in Brandon's case a day) and a little bit of worry piques in our minds.

"he wouldn't be growing a beard, right?  It's just a (few) day(s).  He got busy.  He knows how dirty beards typically look on men...right?"

Very few men can pull off a beard. I would give Santa the exception here- his beard is a requirement of the job. Otherwise, men out there, please don't think you look good with a beard.  You probably don't.

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