Saturday, 21 January 2012

Beard Comb

Following the post on beards and how...ummm.... pedophile looking they are, Brandon decided to stop shaving.  I'm not sure if it was just because, or if he read the post and decided to annoy me.  Either way, the beard is a-growing!  It's almost been a week and it's coarse, thick and calico in colour.

yes this post is all about this little comb!
Then, the other day he found his trimming comb.  And oh what fun that's been.  He carries it with him everywhere around the house.  Like a young child and his "blankie", this comb is his new toy.  He taps tables with it, combs his face, his hair, runs the tangs over his teeth, tries to brush my hair and uses it as a pointer.  Basically, whatever he can do with this tiny black comb he does.  He thinks it makes his beard smoother and not as rough on my face.  I can't confirm nor deny this as I don't know that it really makes much of a difference.  But he's happy- and that makes me happy.

In fact, he's so happy the other day he was doing a skip/slow gallop down the hallway.  It was cute, but I couldn't help be reminded of the Maxwell House commercial with the really happy little girl.  Not that he looked like a little blonde girl...

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