Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Hosts to Ghosts

Before I was ruler of Brandon's life (I call this the B.S. time- before Shannon), he had ghost issues.  I think this point is valid and important for readers to know the following stories are not my fault.  Some of his experiences with ghosts, spirits or whatever else you want to call them include; little rodent pet bowl being thrown across the room, pokes through the shower curtain, strange men/being on the subway no one else seems to acknowledge, a supervisor at a factory job he worked who motioned him to come up to his office- that no one else saw or knew of, chairs moving etc.
Since I graced him with my presence I have also experienced some of his ghostly experiences (though I was not immune to them, nor new to my own experiences) including: hearing chairs moving in his old place when no roommates were home, someone rummaging through the laundry room though again, no one home, doors opening on their own, someone (whom I thought was Brandon) picking up his jacket in the middle of the night which had fallen on the floor (turns out Brandon was sleeping next to me), and footsteps and "living" noises when staying at my grandparents' home.

His name is Brandon, and he has a ghost problem. 

Since we have moved into our new digs, we haven't really had any ghostly activity (minus one incident where we both woke up abruptly to an extremely loud indistinguishable noise that upon inspection had no rhyme nor reason).  That is, until earlier this week.  There we were, sleeping in our cozy warm bed with the (completely unnecessary) blasting fans shooting deathly cold air onto our faces, when... CRASH!!!!!!  My bedside table had flipped onto it's back!  Waking up, extremely startled, I check the clock- 3:45am.  I look for the dogs first (assuming they had knocked something over) but they were both well away from the table.  It was then that I noticed my bedside table had gone from sitting on it's bottom (as a good night table does) to laying on it's back (whore!).  Please see the following photo to display just how sturdy and stable my night table is:

Do you see how there is little room under the legs of the table for it to become off balance at all by itself and flip onto it's back?!  As in, this did NOT happen from being knocked over or a dog being nosey.  The table resides snugly between the bed, a shelving unit and directly against a wall.  For those who like science, it would have been impossible for it to just teeter over.  It would have had to been pulled from the bottom outwards toward the end of the bed and then pushed.  I can confirm that I did not do this, nor do either of our dogs have opposable thumbs in order to pull off a stint like this either.  Needless to say, Brandon and I were up most of the night disturbed by our unwanted guest.

With approximately 3 hours of sleep, Brandon and I went about our normal activities the following day.  Bedtime came, and ignoring the previous night's events, we settled in.  I always close my bedside table drawer- because Sarah has a tendency of getting up in the morning and smacking her noggin.  Around 2am I woke up and noticed my drawer was open, so I closed it (thinking I must have overlooked Sarah's safety earlier that evening).  I drifted back into the sandman's grasp for another 45 minutes at which time I woke to see my drawer open...again.  I know I closed it just a short while before that, and I'm not opening drawers in my sleep, and we've discussed the lack of opposable thumbs my dogs have!  I left it open this time.  Sorry Sarah- someone wants it open.  What's the deal with my bedside table?!  Ghost dude I have nothing of any interest in there.  I opted not to wake Brandon up that night so he could get some sleep.

The next night was fairly quiet, although Brandon says he did hear some noises in our living area- it wasn't anything major enough to keep us awake.  But last night was a different story...

Last night, I woke up around 2:30am and saw Brandon lying awake and the TV still on.  I asked him why he was still awake and he said he had heard some chairs moving and just general "living noises"* happening in our living room.  We got up to find a dining room chair had been moved outwards from the table (as if someone had pulled it out to sit on it) and a kitchen cupboard open.  Both things we don't leave open or out.  In fact we rarely use our dining table at all, so the fact a chair was pulled out is rather presumptuous of this ghost thinking he's staying for dinner!  We closed the kitchen cupboard, briefly left the kitchen and then decided to make ourselves a snack.  Guess what was open again?  The same kitchen cupboard!  This ghost clearly has some affinity for opening things.  Listen here ghost, I'm not sure if you know this about me, but I like to keep things organized, neat, tidy and proper... don't go messing up my home for your entertainment!

As bedtime rolls near tonight, I wonder what we'll be faced with tonight.  Although not my favourite choice of nightly activities, the ghost stuff doesn't bother me all that much.  But Brandon... he despises it!  So, ghost if you are one of my avid readers of this blog, can you make my life a bit easier and quit the nighttime escapades so I can get some sleep?

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