Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Abandoned Ikea Babies

Brandon and I headed to Ikea today to do some perusing...after he refused to wait in the emergency room for his shoulder which was in an enormous amount of pain, following a weight lifting injury.  I LOVE Ikea. LOVE IT!  I like the affordability, the styles and the sets they design because it gives me hope that one day my home will be as nice as that model kitchen they designed for their store. 

Anywhoozle, as we were walking around the showroom portion of the store we started noticing some odd behaviours of the other shoppers.  Could it just be us who was seeing this?  People leaving their strollered babies in the main aisleway while they sauntered into the smaller aisles to look for furniture!  None of them seemed to be in any kind of hurry to get back to their babies either.  Honestly, had any of them been cute enough (or white enough) to claim as my own I could likely have casually strolled away with someone else's baby!!!

One of the unfortunate children affiliated with these parents was sitting in his baby bucket carrier, inside of the very smooth rolling Ikea carts.  This kid seemed to be floating away from his parents, who were paying no attention to him and all their attention on the gorgeous bedroom set! 
Seriously, have any of you ever used one of those carts?  They are so nice- gliding down the aisles effortlessly.  However, along with the use of the nice gliding cart comes with the responsibility of directing the cart in a straight line.  For some reason, Ikea thought it to be a good idea to have carts which can go in all directions easily and effortlessly.  Ikea, those multi-directional castors are fantastic... for office chairs!!  You should change your cart wheels to frontwards-backwards, like a regular store.  I know you aren't any old regular store, but in this case I think you could bend a bit.  For the safety of the children!

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