Friday, 6 January 2012

Chick Flicks

There's a reason romantic comedy movies are usually dubbed "chick flicks"... they're intended for women- not men.  I try my best to only watch these when Brandon isn't around or when he's playing his XBox.  And although I'm not the girly girl who enjoys watching drama or stupidity, I do enjoy a decent chick flick.

Recently, I watched "I Don't Know How She Does It" with Sarah Jessica Parker.  Not such a huge fan of hers, but I really liked this movie.  One of my favourite lines in the movie is "trying to be a man is a waste of a woman"  How true it is.  And is it terrible that while watching the movie I thought, "wow she is amazing- I hope I can juggle everything like she does once I have a family"?  Basically, the whole movie is about SJP's character and how she juggles her flourishing career, her family and all the many appointments and functions that go along with having a family and career.  Cute movie.  Totally not for the guys in our lives though- so don't waste your time cause they'll hate it.

I realized something while watching it though.  Chick flicks are incredibly mean and torturous to men.  I don't just mean to watch.  I mean for the thoughts and feelings that women have following the watching of a chick flick.  Our expectations are raised for men.  We want a new breed of man after watching a lovey dovey chick flick.  We want a man we know we aren't with- who understands all our problems, accepts our idiosyncrasies without comment, who realizes how hard we work and mentions it, who surprises us with nice dinners and gifts, who tells his friends how awesome we are instead of complaining about our lady-isms.  But we all know, deep down, these men don't really exist.  At least not for any length of time beyond a few minutes or hours in a night.  Our men are never going to show up on a white horse holding out a bouquet of flowers, or take us on a surprise picnic at sunset with our favourite foods.  So while chick flicks are fun, cute and nice to watch they really are completely unfair to the men in our lives.      

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  1. SO true. It raises our expectations that if we just hold out, that "perfect" man will show up in [enter some crazy way here]. And it also really hurts a good guy's chance of getting with us girls that love chick flicks BECAUSE we're waiting and hoping for something that will never appear. Love those movies, but sometimes I think I need to stop watching them so much...