Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Mancare Update

He's a tiny man.  My friend's son I mean- not Brandon. He's almost 2 years old but already showing some typical man behaviours.  A few weeks ago in daycare said small man decided to make friends the unconventional way.... by locking them in the baby room!

I suppose most daycare centres have separate rooms for different aged children so as to ensure they are  properly taken care of and big ones aren't running down the small ones.  So, my friend's toddler decided he wanted some... one-on-one time with the other small ones.  Problem was- he forgot to invite the care worker (you know, the big adult ones) into the room with them.  Oops!  He must have overlooked that invite.

So, for what I think my friend said was an hour, the little ones were locked inside of this room with no adult supervision.  This goes to show you what men are capable of!  At only one year old.

So, this got me thinking... if this is what tiny men are capable of (outwitting the care workers), what could the big, grown men be capable of?  What about their caregivers at the mancare?  This is definitely something we hadn't considered and must be delved into further to prevent these men from outwitting any caregivers that are hired on.  I figure so long as we keep them distracted and occupied we should be ok.  Here's hoping.   

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  1. The daycare teacher had to remove the door to get the kids out. Ya can you say embarrassed momma!?!? -C