Sunday, 19 May 2013

We Have Returned

Well, we have returned from Disney in one piece. I'd like to say we're rested, but there's so much to do there you never really do rest. However, it was super nice to get away from everyday worries and work. Oh, so nice to not have to go into work everyday. 

They often say after going on vacation the constant time together can cause some frustrations and loss of patience for your significant other (or even a friend). And although we had our occassional disagreement about how many pictures I was taking, or what to purchase, we didn't really fight. And at the end of it, I was sad I wasn't going to see him all day-everyday as I had for the past 10 days. So I guess, we can continue with our plans to get married :)

Speaking of which, man that's approaching fast! Only a month and 4 days and there are still so many things to get done and figure out. Brandon still doesn't have his outfit (eep!) I'm trying to not stress out too much, but it's inevitable. Isn't that what weddings are for? Disagreements, difficult guests, drama and stress? Or at least that seems to be what they have become to the modern day society. Ours should be fun once we get there- casual and "working class", as Brandon likes to refer to it. I have to admit, while a traditional wedding was definitely not what I had wanted, I'm beginning to get excited for the day and enjoying the fruits of my labour. Or you know- my hard work. It'll be nice to see it all come together after planning for the past year. But this is where I can't imagine how someone who spends the average $20,000+ on their one day feels after the event? Sure it's exciting and wonderful that you are married, but then you realize that you have actually spent $20,000 in one day. When can you say that again? Perhaps buying a home, and that'd be about it. If you spoke to someone and asked them if they would ever spend $20,000+ on a party, I imagine most people would look at you as though you have 2 heads and tell you they wouldn't dream of it. But when you ask the same and refer to the party as a wedding, they're on board. I just can't fathom. Resulting in my low budget wedding :)

So, over the next month I will be working away at perfecting my wedding, keeping all the ducks in a row, and finalizing decisions that need to be made. It's going to be a crazy ride.

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