Saturday, 10 March 2012

Queen of the Screen Protectors

I work at a telecommunications company, unfortunately in their retail sector (for now). And I see so many ridiculous things, but let me tell you how frustrating cell phone screen protectors are! I deal with them almost on a daily basis. Whether my fellow coworkers are asking me (Queen of the Screen Protectors) to put it on someone's phone, listening to a customer complain because it isn't on correctly or seeing the invariable dreaded air bubbles appear. Screen protectors are something that annoy me more than any other cell phone accessory. And that says enough, seeing as I am surrounded and use them every day for my work.

What made this rant come to fruition? The fact that I have put on many screen protectors and they're perfect. That recently I put on a new screen protector onto my own phone and only a few months later I have a lurking air bubble! Bollucks! How, does the Queen of the Screen Protectors, get an air bubble?! So unfair! As I type this on my phone, I'm staring at it and hating it! It's driving me crazy! I've got some OCD tendencies, so this air bubble is like a giant zit poking its dirty-ass face at me! Ugh! Go away, air bubble! Go away!

The amount of screen protectors some will go through to
rid themselves of the dreaded air bubbles!

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