Sunday, 18 March 2012 your fingertips!

Guess what?

There's a World of Warcraft iPhone App.  And Brandon has it.  Don't get too excited WoW fans, it isn't the actual's just a hub of sorts which allows you to:
  •  track your auctions 
  • see who has power of special areas you are trying to win over (?) 
  • speak to members of your group you're in 
  • view achievements
  • view upcoming events
  • view characters and stats
  • talent tree organizer
  • server maintenance reports
  • general news

It's called the Mobile Armory (in Canada we'd spell it Armoury, but for the US readers I'll leave it as is), and Brandon is in love.  He feels so organized and has his WoW info all right at his fingertips-wherever he may be.  He can win auctions while at work.  He can see if his group has power over Toblerone (or some place that sounds like the yummy chocolatey treat) from bed then get up in the wee hours of the night to go get his part of the power.  The opportunities are endless and he loves it!
Varbosa tricked out
 The catch?!  This stupid app costs $3!!!  PER MONTH!!!!!  So not only do you PAY to download the game, then PAY to "run" the game each month, but now you PAY to download the app AND PAY to run the stupid app??!!!?  Blizzard you rip people off! You convince them they need this game by luring them in with your freeness at the beginning and saving all the good quests, mounts and all the other silly items until higher levels and then once they are hooked, they must pay for these "exciting" items!  Highway robbery, as my grandmother would say.

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