Thursday, 1 March 2012

Beauty vs the Beasts... Or fashion at the gym

I try to go to the gym with Brandon when I can. Due to our opposite schedules, it doesn't work out to be more than 1-2 times per week, leaning more towards the 1. It's not that I don't want to go, it's the times he goes and the fact I'm usually working during those times. Very unhelpful to my ideal fit body!

But the days I do go to the gym, I realize something different between the men and women- beyond the obvious. The men wear very practical gym clothes: plain black and white running shoes, usually of some name brand, typically the more expensive the better, baggy shorts (the kind that static cling and resemble those they wore in grade 11 gym class) and some old Tshirt (also possibly from highschool) that has a grungy greyish-yellowish tinge to it from the sweat and ridiculous excessive washing it's endured over the years. Most of the men there don't care what they look like, because they're there for the sole purpose to work out. Of course, there are those exceptions. Those men that aren't quite fully men in their heart of hearts, because they're very cautious about how much they sweat and what brands adorn their "ripped" bodies, and watching themselves in the mirrors. But these guys shouldn't really be considered men at all. They don't count.

Women, on the other hand, are very different. Well, let me rephrase that, the 35> women are different. They (this includes me) find nicely fitting yoga pants from Lu Lu Lemon (or similar, perhaps cheaper, brands). These pants will accentuate the buttocks, black in colour with some kind of splash of colour around the waste or maybe, a stripe. On top, they'll wear a stretchy top, perfectly positioned and situated to cover any possible "muffin top" and a bra which perfectly lifts but also supports to ensure she looks cute but not night-walker inspired. She may wear a sweatshirt of some kind, but it will be cute and match the other aspects of the outfit. Her hair will be up, most likely, and slightly disheveled but almost purposefully so. Her makeup will vary from light to regular daily wear. You see, this girl cares about how she looks AT the gym. It's important to keep up the cute image... Even while in the process of self improvement.

As I mentioned, there's another woman at the gym. She's not so concerned with her image at the gym. I'm not saying this woman is worse, in fact, good for her for being there for one purpose only. But being frumpy while at the gym doesn't seem to improve their results any. So, I'd rather be cute.

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  1. There's a girl that goes to my gym that dresses like Lara Croft from Tomb Raider

    I've also seen a 300 pound power lifter wearing a spaghetti strap tank top. Let's not forget fish net shirts! I don't miss Platinum Fitness