Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Late Night Phone Call

It's 2am. Suddenly I'm drearily hearing the voice of John Denver belting out his hit song "Country Roads". I'm trying to place the song- why am I hearing it? What time is it?

Then I realize- that's Brandon's ringtone on my phone. He's calling me! I lift my heavy hand from under my pillow and drop it into the bedside table drawer, grabbing at my phone. It's attached to the charger so I'm leaning into my drawer with my ear.
I try to answer sounding as awake as I can, "mmmhhelloo".
But Brandon can hear the disorientation in my voice. He asks me what I'm doing and I, assuming if he's calling it must be an hour of the morning, say, "Just getting ready to get up".
I can hear he's confused, so I look over at the clock: 2:04am.  So clearly, I am not about to get up at all.

As I'm finally becoming more awake and aware of the time and conversation I am part of I am functioning better and having a better conversation.  It was nice to hear from Brandon, even if it was 2am, and hear that he missed me.  Normally, I wouldn't welcome a late night phone call like that, but when it's him I'd gladly answer :)  

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