Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Why the Shower Can be Terrifying

We live in an apartment, so needless to say, our shower is more on the petite side.  Granted, so am I, but still I enjoy my shower time (as stated in this post) and I would prefer a larger space to bathe in. Since this just isn't possible right now, I will instead tell you just why the shower can be terrifying.

As already stated, the shower is small.  The ceiling is low (Brandon can flat palm the ceiling), it's approximately 3 feet wide and when I lay my 5'1" body down in it, well I can't lay down at all.  I must sit, and my feet touch the end of the tub.  Don't get me wrong, I know I am lucky to even have a tub as opposed to a stand alone shower.

I usually shower, for time and convenience sake.  When I step in, to my left is a cold, white tiled wall and to my right is my fun variations of blue-dotted shower curtain, behind my semi-transparent shower curtain liner.  Normally this would sound ok (and I'm sure in many parts of the world this is beyond luxurious!), but our shower curtains are of standard size.  Not small apartment size.  In fact, I have yet to find a shower curtain in a different size- this could be a niche market to break into.  So the liner will often pillage into the tub at you.  There seems to be an odd, unexplainable breeze in our bathroom, that shoots the liner into the tub.  Sometimes the breeze can be so hardy, the liner touches you! Ewww!  It's cold and clingy.  So I hurriedly lean away from it- and right into the cold, wet tile.  Ewww! Do you see the predicament?  I either let the cold, wet, grimy curtain liner cling to my body or I cling myself to the cold, wet tile!  Neither option is ideal.  Hence, why the shower can be terrifying.

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