Friday, 16 March 2012

Today I Learned...

... that my tasty friend, yogurt, is made of milk bacteria! Ummm ewww!  (That's a lie, I learned this yesterday)

But even so, am I the only one who didn't know yogurt- a supposedly nutritional and yummy breakfast and snack item- is made from the bacteria from milk?

... AND, that your friendly campfire sidekick- marshmallows- are partially made from ground up animal bones!!  What is this world coming to?!  And how didn't I know these things prior to 24 hours ago?

I think my closest friends and family knew how disgusted I would be, and decided to hide this information from me.  But, somehow it's been leaked and now I must decide whether I can go on enjoying these snacks or if by the sheer fact that I now know what they're made of means I can no longer eat them. 
Sort of like when you're a kid and you find out what hotdogs are made of.  I remember distinctly the girl in grade 3 who told me.  I'm pretty sure she did it to ruin my life.  And I'll admit for maybe a year I did my best to stay away from hotdogs.  But jokes on you, grade 3 witch, I've come to terms with leftover meats being ground together to form a sausage mimicked food for my consumption!

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  1. Cheese is basically made the same way. It's believed that prehistoric man discovered the process when they used animal skins to carry milk. The lactic acids and bacteria in the skin would react with the milk to make first what we know as yogurt and if left longer, you'd get cheese.