Thursday, 15 March 2012

There He Goes Again

Well, Brandon's off again for his hometown to work his shifts. Good for the bills, sad for me. I'd love to say I was having big parties and having all sorts of people over, but sadly my life just isn't that exciting. Instead, my days will be filled with work, errands, taking care of Hudson and making dinners for one. (And maybe passing off my leftovers to Jai. If he dare eat them.)

In fact, tonight I spent a lovely evening watching "The Muppets" new movie (which was fantastic, by the way), drinking Steamwhistle beer (also fantastic) and munching on chippies, Hudson at my feet. 

I was saddened that my all-time favourite Muppet, Pepe, the King Prawn only had a very short appearance (trying to woo Miss Piggy in typical Pepe fashion).  I would like the Disney Muppeteres to consider this, my blog post, a formal petition for a Pepe, the King Prawn official Muppet movie!  He has a book (which is still on my birthday list- hint hint) which is a great piece of classical literature, why not add motion picture film to his repertoire?!  

Though a good night, it would have been better with my man next to me.  However, I would not have been able to relate to Amy Adams' duet with Miss Piggy had I not been alone.  Take a look- be sure to turn up your speakers!

Have I mentioned how much I love Amy Adams?  She's so much fun. So, tonight I had a "me partay, don't need nobody else, a me partay- I'm the first and last to show" I think that's my cue to go grab some warm milk and tuck myself into bed.  It must be way past my bedtime by now.

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