Monday, 13 February 2012

Pet Names... No not the dogs.

Within the first couple weeks of knowing Brandon he had christened me as "ShanMan". Naturally, when I first heard this I was a bit surprised as I was (and still am not) a man! Why was this very handsome guy, whom I was fairly certain fancied me too, referring to me as "ShanMan"... Emphasis on the man?!

I came to the quick realization that Brandon often dubbed people with pet names. Mine happened to become ShanMan... Because it rhymed. Hey, I'm all for rhyming statements. I've mentioned before I do enjoy "awesome possum" as well as, "fancy dancy" among others. But man? Why not... "ShanFan" as in you are a fan of mine? I feel like that's a much more appropriate pet name.
I've grown to love this pet name now, but I still notice the looks friends and family give me when they hear me respond to it.

A newer name that has developed in the last few months is "Kermin". This name developed from our favourite Muppets character, Pepe. With his spanish accent, his pronunciation of Kermit turns into "Kermin". We love Pepe... And he has a line in "Muppets from Space" where he says, "hey Kermin... When are you going to fix the oven, ok?" in fact, enjoy this clip of Pepe's best moments.

All this to say, Brandon also refers to me as Kermin- usually when he wants something. So I also know when I hear, "hey Kermin...?" the next thing will be "can you get me some water, ok?"

Pet names- cute with sentimental stories attached to them.

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