Thursday, 2 February 2012

Where is the maple syrup?!

We're Canadian. If you're a regular reader you would have picked up these clues with many words spelled using "u" and "e" on the end.

So, you can laugh at this post which is all about our maple syrup placement. Yup, I know, maple syrup is so Canadian. And we love it... Well I really only use it on my pancakes.

Anyway, there's a dispute in our house regarding the syrup placement. Where do you keep your syrup? I have always kept it in the cupboard. No where on the bottle does Aunt Jamima tell me her sweet, sweet syrup belongs in the fridge- so why would I question her?! It belongs in the cupboard!
Brandon, however, seems to think maple syrup belongs in the fridge. I had never heard of this before we moved in with one another. Actually it wasn't until we had pancakes at our place the first time that I had any idea at all that he was a major weirdo! In terms of maple syrup that is.

When Brandon goes in the cupboard and sees the syrup sitting comfortably on the shelf he removes it and places it on the top shelf of the fridge. WRONG!!! This is NOT where the syrup belongs!!! So, I see this and I place Aunt Jamima back in her cupboard. Sometimes this will continue as a back and forth action for a few days until he finally gives up.

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  1. He is a man. Everything goes on the top shelf of the fridge. LOL ~C