Monday, 6 February 2012

Newly Organized Kitchen

With our new roommate here and actually using the "amenities" we provide him in this place, I had to reorganize our cupboards and fridge to accommodate.  I had originally done this for Doug, but then he never used it, so I took it over and made good sue of the small space we have.  I kind of just consumed the whole kitchen for us, and organized it however I wanted.  And I had a good system.

Then I forgot when we got a new roommate, that he'd be normal and want space in the kitchen.  Understandable.  So, our snack cupboard has turned into Jai's cupboard.  And our regular/dinner cupboard has become our catch-all cupboard.  This made for putting away groceries after shopping a bit more challenging than usual.  But do you know what that means?  I got to reorganize!!!  Hooray!  I love organizing, especially challenging spaces.  So I spent possibly an hour reorganizing our cupboards and fridge a few days back.  In the end, I'm happy to have done it- though I do wish we had more cupboard space in our kitchen!

What's amazed us is the fact that Jai actually uses his cupboard for food!  So it makes me feel good that at least my cupboard is going to good use.  Take care of my cupboard Jaisun.

He also gets bonus points for the Kindle he gave me!  Woo hoo!  Free Kindle!

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