Friday, 24 February 2012

Girl's Guide to World of Warcraft: Part 3

Continuing the Girl's Guide to WoW, we move onto...

Customizing Your Character's Appearance

The most fun part of the game by far!  You get to choose skin colour (in most species), hair style, face shape and features... great fun.  Basically, each time I made a character, I made it in some resemblance of myself.  Goblin.  Shannon inspired!  Gnome.  Shannon inspired!  And finally, I settled on Dwarf.  Shannon inspired!

Technically, already being short in stature began the Dwarf's Shannon inspired look (I'm "petite danon").  Then I changed her face to have beautiful blue eyes and as pretty a face a Dwarf can have.  Her hair, clearly blonde, was long and wavy.  She was the essence of Dwarf beauty... if there is such a thing.

I encourage any of the women out there to just jump onto their guy's WoW server for even 20 minutes and create yourself as a character.  Just for fun.  As this is the only fun the game really has, you may as well get the most out of it while you can.

NOT my beautiful Dwarf

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