Friday, 10 February 2012

Why He Is Awesome

I feel like a lot of time I'm explaining Brandon's idiosyncrasies, and not emphasizing the reasons he's fantastic and why I love him so much. Though this would completely ruin the vibe of my blog- so I can't be too mushy or lovey.

Here's my lunch for work today (not the McDonald's cup or water in the background):

All I said was I wanted pasta- I gave no other instructions or requests (I know- I know I'm improving!) my lunch was both delicious and nutritious (and gave me the added bonus of allowing me that rhyming statement- I like rhyming statements, like "awesome possum"). I received the pasta, an apple, granola bar, popcorn with my popcorn shaker seasoning, and water- in his water bottle because my beautiful pink one is broken from dropping it so often. He even layered my pasta with sauce and cheese for the perfect cheese to pasta to sauce ratio. That lunch kept me fueled for work all day... As boring as it tends to be. That lunch was also the envy of some of my coworkers (likely including Jaisun who doubles as roomie and coworker).

This is why I love Brandon. 
Of course there are things that are better than lunch that he does, but I can't let it all out in one post. That would just be silly.

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