Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Ottawa...and it's terrible arena (and hockey team)

Earlier this month, Brandon and I drove to Ottawa for a Toronto Maple Leafs vs. Ottawa Senators game. If you don't know Brandon personally, you wouldn't know that taking him to the venue of the rival playing his team was bound to be a fun adventure!

Beyond the fact that the 2 hour drive (from our hotel approximately 20km away) to the arena was ridiculous and poorly planned by the city, the whole experience prior to the actual game was frustrating- with bad parking systems, uneducated employees... It was a rough go until we got inside the arena. So rough in fact, I have written a letter with suggestions of how they should improve their facility. Of course, it was very nicely and politely written!

But once inside, the fun began. Brandon began his yelling, drinking and high fiving with the plethora of Toronto Maple Leafs' fans. There were so many- way more than I expected!   (I would have inserted a photo of all the TML fans here, but my stupid computer won't cooperate- you go pictureless for now readers)

One of my favourite comments was directed towards the assistant of the Ottawa Senators- "I guess the A stands for almost!" He also yelled at the goalie of Ottawa with comments like, "that was close Craig!". The Toronto fans around us thought he was quite funny, even commenting on how he was on a first name basis with the goalie. It was loud, fun and boisterous. We (the Toronto Maple Leafs, in case you hadn't heard I joined the team) won 5-0 so of course this made Brandon louder and much more excited.
I found it exciting to make comments about how close the Leafs were to winning- which Brandon says will most definitely jinx the winning streak. It seems my comments did not jinx them.

Besides the hockey game, Brandon and I also visited the Heritage Warplane Museum and the Nature Museum.  We picked up another metal warplane sign for the "aircraft room" as well as a model of a T-Rex skull, which was on sale!  So, although I already thought the T-Rex skull was cool, being on sale made it that much better.  I'd prefer if it was showcased outside of the "aircraft room" for others to see, but Brandon thinks it's best to stay in there on the shelf.  Safe.  I think he may be nervous I'd break it... or touch it.  It's on the top shelf in the room.  Taller than me- I can't reach it.  But I can look at it from afar.  

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