Thursday, 9 February 2012

I Like Holidays... A lot!

Holidays, no matter how big or small, are fun. Brandon says I'm the consumer Hallmark looks for. And while I can see that being a valid statement, I don't spend astronomical amounts on holiday decorations. Ok Christmas is a different story. You can't count that!

But, really, I only buy decorations for smaller holidays at the dollar store. I spent a total of $5 on our Valentine's decorations which consist of: a wooden sign which reads "love" (not unlike my Halloween sign that says "spooky"),small wooden hanging hearts and 3 kitchen towels with hearts on them (that could be used all year as hearts are very general decor!). I think all that for $5 is pretty good. It makes the house look V-Day festive.

It's ironic, because Brandon doesn't even celebrate Valentine's Day. Last Valentine's I went to Sobey's for groceries, he made dinner. He jumps on that "I hate holidays 'cause they cost money" bandwagon. Whereas he says I an on the "spend stupid money on holidays" bandwagon. I feel like $5 for some festive fun and to brighten our home is worth that title. So I'll take it.

Holidays can make things fun and uplifting. I don't care if there are no presents or gifts exchanged, (warning! I'm about to be corny) it's really just about having fun and being with people you love... Or at least like a little.

I love holidays- end of story.

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