Wednesday, 15 February 2012

How Do You Eat Your KD?

I'm sure we've all had a bite of Kraft Dinner at some point in our lives, right?  If you haven't, well then you aren't even a lucky recipient of a food bank donation.  If you have, what I'm wondering is how you eat your KD?

I, eat my KD on the less creamy side of the directions, not so much milk, not so much margarine.  I boil the noodles to a "just done" point, drain immediately.  You see, all this is to ensure that my KD doesn't get soggy.  Then, once my KD has been properly mixed and prepared, I pour out my portion onto a large plate and top it off with a proper amount of ketchup (usually in the shape of a happy face or flower).  This, to me, is the perfect Kraft Dinner experience.

Brandon's perfect KD experience is a bit different.  Firstly, he's not picky about how it's made.  Soggy, hard, done just right-he'll eat it.  Then, when he mixes it he prefers it on the creamy side of the instructions, a little more milk, a little more margarine.  Then, once he's done mixing he pours it into a bowl and smothers the noodles in ketchup.  This shouldn't surprise me, considering the amount of ketchup he uses on everything (see previous post here).

How do you eat your Kraft Dinner?  Bowl or plate?  Fork or spoon?  Ketchup or naked?

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