Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Opening the New One

Please see Exhibit A: full ketchup bottle next to the nearly empty ketchup bottle...

Why open the NEW ketchup bottle, when a perfectly good already opened ketchup bottle still has ketchup waiting to be used?!  Let me show you just how much ketchup was still left and ready to be consumed:
I realize this seems silly, but seriously, look at how much ketchup was left!  Now to be fair, this is not enough ketchup for Brandon.  We should really take our shares in Heinz Ketchup we go through so much.  We use approximately one of the large plastic squeeze bottles per month- and it isn't me using it.  I really think he'd eat anything if it had ketchup on it.  "Give it to Mikey- he eats anything"

This seems to be a theme though with men, or at least my man.  To open a new one, before the old one has expired or been fully used.  This goes with food- specially fridge items (yogurt, sour cream, cheese, ketchup, BBQ sauce)- and daily items such as, toilet paper and paper towel.  If it's not finished yet, why open a new one?

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