Wednesday, 9 November 2011

End to the Trilogy

For those of you with men in your lives that enjoy video games, you know Modern Warfare 3 has come out.  It's the third and (say it isn't so) final installment to the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare series.  Yesterday was a day full of tracking this game down.

Brandon preordered it weeks ago and has been counting down the days until it's arrival.  We had to stay home from regular day activities so as not to miss the postal man.  Whilst waiting around of course Brandon made good use of his time, playing Battlefield.  And to his credit- also played a boardgame with me!  During the course of the day, and still no knock on the door, he had been tracking the package online and seen that the status went from "en route" to "attempted and failed delivery-waiting at postal facility for pickup".  We still had no note on our door, no knock on the door and no slip left anywhere in our facility.
I call Canada Post and ask them why we don't have a slip on our door or anywhere near our house, and why no attempts were made to deliver it.  The woman tells me that the status often changes online but the attempt may not have been made yet... blah, blah, blah.  She informs us to wait until 6pm when the last driver attempts delivery.

A couple hours go by and we have yet to see anything or received any slip of delivery attempt.
So I phoned through to Canada Post again.  This began our day's activities tracking down the long awaited game.  After speaking to a representative on the very unhelpful phone lines, we got no further ahead except for them to tell us it is in fact at the local Shopper's Drug Mart awaiting pickup.  We get ourselves into the car and head over, wait in line, speak to the lovely postal worker and... no package is there!  The woman tells us she will call us when it arrives for us to pick it up.

We get home and Brandon is extremely upset.  He wants his game- and he wants it now.
I call the customer service line back and tell them that this is not the first time we've had this issue at our home and that we are tired of not getting our packages on time and having to go pick them up.  As our friend pointed out, it kind of defeats the purpose of having it shipped!  We file a complaint against our terrible driver who can't seem to deliver packages to our home.  During this time the supervisor tells me they have checked it in at the postal office we were just at 15 minutes prior.  But we still haven't heard from that postal worker at the local branch.  So we wait a little while longer.  And longer.  No phone call a few hours later.  So again a trip to the postal office (in rush hour traffic), and it's there... at 6pm at night.

We have dinner, and Brandon loads the game onto his Xbox.  Apparently, loading the game makes it run faster and smoother while playing.  (I know way too much about Xbox and gaming!)  Game play commences beginning with the "Campaign" or story mode.  Not 6 hours later, he's beat the game!!!

How can you be so excited for a game you can beat in less than 6 hours?!  But I should know by now, it's so much more than just the campaign mode... it's the playing against others and with friends  Learning new maps.  Unlocking new features, weapons etc.

This will be the game he plays for a while.... well actually not too much longer now that Skyrim is also on it's way to our household in the next few days!

My only concern is that I'm running out of Grey's Anatomy DVDs to watch while he's busy playing games... what will I do with my time now?

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