Friday, 18 November 2011

Skyrim... Seriously?!

When I used to work at the movie theatre, we had popular times of the year Blockbuster, big-name movies would come out: beginning of summer and mid October to mid November.  Apparently, video games have this same type of practice.  Because this past month at least 3 big-name video games have come out.  Which of course means- Brandon has gotten 3 big-name video games in the last month!  Yippee!

First came Battlefield 3- interesting game, good graphics, but he beat it in like 6 hours!  How fun is that?!  I know the point of the games is to beat them, but really if you can beat it that fast, then aren't you missing out on the fun?  Apparently not.

Next up, Call of Duty: Modern WarFare 3.  Also slightly interesting story, but is so very similar to it's predecessors in visuals and tasks.  At least from the amount of knowledge I have of it.  Again, Brandon beat this games' campaign mode in a day.

Finally, Skyrim has joined our household.  And oh what fun that's been.  It's been hours upon hours of play.  It resembles Brandon's old gaming obsession from the summer- Rift, in style/theme/genre.  Basically, it's medieval fantasy "business" with dragons, witches, trolls, giants, elves and other fictional type species all mixed about a HUGE playing map of mountains, valleys, towns, caves and the like.  I admit it's well done and interesting in short spurts of time.  But the hours that have turned into days are ridiculous and monotonous.

The characters say that same things over and over, like "I am sworn to carry your burdens" and "watch out for the creatures of Skyrim, they're creatures but they can be dangerous".  And these are just the times I am sitting and listening, I can't imagine how repetitive it must be when he plays for the amount of hours he does.  To put it in perspective, his character in the game has a house to store all his crap!

I've just been informed that his character (whom he named) was named after "the Thrall from World of Warcraft who was the warchief of Durotar"... so basically we could have called him Nerd of Loserville and it'd be about the same name.

Of course along with the hours of play, came all the special edition paraphernalia in another huge ass box!

 What's that on top of the box, you may ask?  That would be the giant dragon figurine that came inside the giant ass box!  More pictures below...
The dragon's spot on the shelf

The dragon & friends from Gears of War & Halo
Man I love these special edition video games!

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