Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Christmas Ornaments

Being that we are poor students living on our own, we aren't able to afford a lot of fancy Christmas ornaments for our tree.  So I decided to make our own ornaments.  I found some inspiration on the Internet first and then put my own flare into them.  I set out for the dollar store, and ended up spending $120 on supplies!  Here's the pile after I unloaded my bags:

OK perhaps a bit much... the receipt was more than a foot long.  From the dollar store.

So far I have made the following:
  • candy cane stick with bells (very high end and difficult!)
  • snowman with earmuffs
  • reindeer wearing a hat
  • our dogs: Hudson & Sarah
  • our initials
  • Toronto Maple Leaf puck
  • Xmas wrapping paper covered horse
  • and Brandon's mom and sister helped out with a snowman, reindeer, poinsettia covered ornaments and gingerbread man

Brandon decided he'd help me out and create some of his own Christmas ornaments.  Though his are more "Nightmare Before Christmas" inspired.  So far he has made the following:
  • Christmas spider
  • Christmas ant
  • Christmas fly
  • Christmas bat
  • and a pissed off punk snowman 

Do you see the difference?  Fun whimsical Christmas ornaments vs. creepy (yet all Christmas themed!) ornaments.  I give him points for creativity though!  And the recurring theme.  Plus I'm happy he participates.  :) His next ornament in the making: Batman Snowman- stay tuned!

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