Thursday, 23 February 2012

The Story of World of Warcraft

The other night, Brandon and I were just having a regular night: watching The Big Bang Theory, looking for jobs, snacking on popcorn... You know, living the super exciting lives we live. Then, Brandon began telling me how the World of Warcraft story was a very in depth and complicated story. This probably stemmed from some comment I made about the game I adore oh so much. But I could tell he really wanted to fill me in on this saga, so I agreed to watch a 57 minute YouTube video all about the story.  But only after I had one of my nice long, scalding hot showers.  Almost as soon as I turned off the water Brandon yelled into me, "hurry up you take so long I want to show you this video".  I hurried as best I could considering the activity option laying ahead.

Thankfully, Brandon deemed the video "too fast", meaning I didn't have to watch it.  However, he was able to fill me in.  With a private tour of the map alongside story time. As he was explaining just how the big boss guy, Thrall, was so wonderful and successful I think he realized just how odd the whole story was sounding. But he was so into it- and excited to be sharing it with me. And I listened, like a good girlfriend, and I could probably recite like 75% of it. That's pretty good, don't you think?!

If you're interested in the condensed woman version please leave comments... Don't worry I don't expect too many requests.

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