Monday, 27 February 2012

The Return...Rather Continuation of WoW

When Brandon was playing his goblin character, Verbosa, on WoW he was constantly saying to me, "Don't worry, once I hit level 85 I'll only have a few quests per day to complete. It should only be like a couple hours of playing per day."  In my heart of hearts, I knew this wouldn't be so. (I even predicted this in a post here) But he insisted his playing would simmer.  Wrong.

Introducing, his new character, "Hasslehoof".  A Druid character named after David Hasselhoff.

 Don't you see the resemblance?!

 This character he created is already a level 17!  You may think this is good- the farther up in the levels, the closer to the end, right?  Wrong.  He has at least 3 other characters waiting in the wings: Jason Tauren (as in the "Bourne" fame), Dog Whisperer, Skank Trapper, Bonerape...what I'm saying is there will never be an end in sight.  He can keep telling me it's almost done or almost over...but it never will be.  WoW you suck!  I take back all the nice things I said in my previous letter to you.  Expect a nastier, more aggressive letter coming your way soon. 

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