Friday, 9 March 2012

Today I Learned...

My dog has an addiction to socks and dish towels.

Tonight Jai came back from a few days escape from the apartment.  Of course, Hudson went crazy.  My dog is in love with Jaisun.  I fear in a match between he and I, he would win the favourite contest.  (But I don't tell him, nor acknowledge that) Anyhow, Hudson was waiting patiently outside Jai's bedroom door for him to exit the room, which eventually he did.  At which time Hudson resumed his love fest.  (Barf.)  While Jai was in the bathroom- Hudson got so excited he ran into my bedroom, grabbed my balled up pair of work socks, ran back out into the living room, dropped said socks on his bed in the corner then dropped his large-ass self in front of me.  Looking up at me with guilty eyes, Hudson knew he had done wrong.  Again.

Of course, he got in trouble and whimpered to himself, hoping when Jai exited the washroom he would surely join him in the pity party.  What Hudson didn't expect, was that he was still in trouble.  Thus meaning, would not be allowed to get up and love up Jai like normal.  This prompted Jai to ask why- so I explained.  And this is when I realized, actually was educated, that my dog has an addiction.  An addiction to stealing (and sometimes consuming) socks.  Jai seems to think it's a cry for help, the dropping of the socks and then immediate surrender of himself.  He knows he's doing wrong, and openly admits it.  So why, Hudson, why do you take socks?  And why eat them?

Hudson has become so well known for his sock thievery, his food dish is customized with his name and a pair of socks, and his hand made ornament I made for Christmas, also has Hudson adorning a sock between his paws.

I'm thinking of starting a support group.  If you know of anyone with a similar sock "issue", let me know and we can enroll them in the 9 step recovery program.  Only, 3 easy payments of $19.95!!

Photo credit: Tim Bannister

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  1. Thanks for stopping by Everyday Ruralty today. That Bernese Mountain dog is adorable. Our farm intern and his wife just got one a few months ago. I can't believe how quickly that dog has gotten big!Have a great weekend!