Sunday, 3 June 2012

Breaking News

I’ve been drafting this blogpost since Friday now, and I can never seem to get all the information included that should be.  Giving it my best shot, here goes.

                                                                  I’M ENGAGED!!!!!! 

Friday June 1, 2012, I came home and friends and family jumped out of various corners and rooms of my mother’s house yelling “SURPRISE” at me.  Admittedly, I saw my friend’s boyfriend first (whom I’ve only met twice before) so I was wondering who this man was in the house, until I saw everyone else.  So yay!  A surprise birthday party planned and executed by Brandon and our mothers.  A great gesture in itself, it was nice to have everyone together and have an eventful birthday. (Something that hasn’t really happened in a few years)  The night progressed and great food was eaten and even better company- catching up with friends and family.  Then it came time for presents. 

I should preface all this by saying, Brandon had been telling me his gift to me was a trip to Vermont in which we would go horseback riding, beer brewery touring and enjoy the drive/trip.  So, I was prepared for no physical gift from him at all.  He had, after all, planned an awesome trip and party for me!

However, when present time came Brandon’s mom rushed to get her camera and said Brandon was going to go first.  “... But I thought he didn’t have a gift for me?”

Brandon stands in front of me, grabs a chip from the table beside him and looked at me and said, “There’s a reason I didn’t bring a gift here today, because I have a question I need to ask you instead” he drops to his knee and says, “Will you marry me?”

My face resembled a sort of scrunched up version of myself, eyes closed to hold back tears and, what I thought, a ferociously nodding head yes.  Apparently, my head nodding wasn’t as obvious as I thought, because people, including Brandon, asked me if I said yes.  Of course I said yes!!  So, I yelled “YES!” just so everyone could hear.  Brandon took the ring out of the box and asked me in his nervous, quiet voice, “which finger do I even put it on?”.  You know, that question made it so special for me, so... “us”.  I didn’t want a ridiculously planned, recited and overly traditional proposal and that made it special for me.  After I showed him what finger to put it on, there was a kiss, clapping and me trying to recover and save face for the cameras.  Little did I know they had already captured all my scrunchy-face moments.

It’s hard for the rest of the gifts to measure up following a proposal, but I got many lovely cards and gifts from the remainder of my friends and family.  Though I spent most of the time staring at my finger with it’s newly appointed bling.

With 2 of my 3 future bridesmaids in attendance, it was so exciting to get to share the moment and remainder of the evening with people I love.

The following day, Brandon and I were scheduled to go to a BBQ, but plans fell through and we ended up staying home and Brandon ultimately ended up working.  (Which is good for the upcoming wedding and house we’ll be saving for).  I have been wanting to get my next tattoo for the last month or so, and the opportunity never presented itself.  Until yesterday.  So, I called up our tattoo artist and asked if he had any available spots- he didn’t but his associate did, so off I went.  I got myself the turtle tattoo I’ve been wanting for years- and I love it!  With the next ones already ruminating, we’ll see if they happen pre or post wedding.

It’s been an eventful and very exciting weekend that I’ll remember forever.  Let the wedding planning games begin!  (Though I’m not so concerned, being a wedding planner and all...)

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